How we work together

You are unique, and so is our work together.

Yes I have powerful programs and processes to work with you,
and still it’s not a one size fits all experience.

My bet is you care more about experiencing how I can help/support/impact your unique aspirations more than you care about the details of how I do it. 

The truth is your insights come from the experience in a conversation with me about you.
If you want to see for yourself let’s talk.

We take a look at where is the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. When we talk you will likely have more calm and clarity then you have in a while.

If it looks like a fit I offer you a proposal for us to work together from my deep box of tools, in a focused action plan.

We will have the luxury of meeting wherever you are virtual office on zoom and occasionally by phone. 

 We bring forward what matters the most  (even if it’s not so obvious) into your expanded purpose, your vision, your life.

We map where you are right now, and the thoughts you have about your uniqueness, and your aspirations.

Together we go deeper; clarify your vision, and what matters to you deeply. We set a plan one small step at a time to bring alive your highest purpose.

We navigate through the blind spots, and bringing out your empowering resources to expand your vision.

We look to see if there are any sticky pits keeping you stuck in the status qua. We collaborate in a process to move past the quick sand, and neutralized the pattern(s) keeping you stuck. 

Together we map out the plan to navigate into a new pattern that better serves your highest aspirations and moves you onto your sold ground of choices that you define and design.

If you are interested in getting curious about what your version of an exhilarated quality of life is….Let’s talk about it.

What makes our work together unique?

In addition to the power of our insightful sessions, you have the option to learn progressive effective tools for your own daily practice. I share with you additional tools, awareness, clearing, calming and, energizing practices.

-Live an exhilarated quality of life
-Silence the critical voice
-Neutralize limiting patterns and beliefs
-Navigate through the
-Expand your clarity, resources, and support
-Ground in your personal focus and intention
-Stay connected with the choice to play life big
-Chunk down the projects spinning in your head
-Increase calming, motivational, & creative energy
Have some one willing to go deep and tell you the truth

How long does it take?

We decide how the offerings will fit into your schedule once we talk for the first time.   

If you are wondering what the time commitment is, I ask you first; what would your life be like if you stayed in the same situation, with the same feelings, doing the same things?  How much time have you been spending like that? 

What’s your part?

-Be willing to make choices in your life that exhilarate you.
-Be open to exploring ways to expand your quality of life.

-Be committed to our time together and play full on.
-Be willing to look at your blind spots.
-Be open to looking at your truth positively, safely, skillfully.
-Have knowledge and use of a computer or tablet with a camera and mic.
-Have basic computer skills of opening, editing and sending documents.

Let’s Talk About It

Let’s see if we are a match in a conversation where we discover what it’s like to work together. I will waive my fee to see if we are a match and allow you to experience the impact of working together.

I don’t “sell” you anything.
It either works for us both or not.

Apply here for a curiosity call and experience what it’s like to work together.  I will waive my fee for us to have an impactful conversation.