What Is An Inner Balancing Tune-Up

What is the value of a regular inner balancing tune-up?
what do you do when it feels like your inner accelerator petal is stuck?

I had a recent event that really drove the concept of valuing my inner balance all the way home real quick and personal.  

The experience reminded me of how our inner workings are akin to a vehicle of travel. We depend on the parts under the hood to be running smooth, and to get us where we want to go.

It was early Sunday morning, still a bit dark.
I was deep asleep until I heard Koki Kitty growling and pacing at the window. Yes, I have a growling cat. Something told me her annoying behavior was a warning, and not the usual roll over and hope she settles down type of gesture.

It was not a roll over moment!
My Sunday somber came to a screeching stop as I looked out to see my backyard in bellowing flames. The impact of the shock shifted me from coast straight into high speed.

I went from 0 to 100 into flight, fight, and freeze response.
My inner protector completely took over as I ran out to help put out the fire. The fire fighters were already there.  THANK YOU!  It was over pretty quick with about a third of our fencing scattered on the ground, transformed into charcoal bits. No one hurt.

Once the fire stopped outside, it soon became evident my inner rev was not going out so easy.  Even thought I had taken my foot of the proverbial gas, I clearly needed some mechanical maintenance to tune my engine back to a smooth ride inside. 

As time turned quickly past the trauma my body still felt it was experiencing all the same emotions.

This external unforeseen, uncontrollable, situation caused an internal imbalance that leaked exhausting fumes into all the areas of my life as it played out.

My inner world, the one I rely on to keep my engine running smooth, was stuck. The toxic waste left behind in my body, mind and spirit needed cleaning up.

I could feel my inner workings misfiring leaving me exhausted.
I felt in a near constant state of underlying fear with increasing mental fog. It was time for a good look under the hood of my being for a tune-up so I could run on all cylinders again.      

This year it seems we have all been running our engines at an accelerated speed trying to travel through everything coming at us.

Most of us would agree life is already a juggling act and all this feels like one more ball in the air to catch.

With all those balls in the air it’s not so easy to see our own imbalances building up.  

The significance of my inner imbalances got very real after the fire.  If I had not been ready with a maintenance program to work with this unexpected turn, it would have kept me off my course feeling lost and wrecked longer…. I am sure of it.

Pulling my wheel of life back to center took a plan.

A support system to help me sooth the post stress: disturbed sleep, fear, anger, confusion, conflict, and all the negative emotions that swelled up inside me.

A process to smooth those tangles before they turn into further health issues is energetic re-balancing. Soothing the inner banging parts before they leak into other areas is the premise of an energetic realignment processes.

Case in point…
My neighbor experienced the same fire and then had another minor event to deal with. This pushed her petal even harder making a minor thing seem huge while she was still recovering from the original trauma unsupported.  

She became ill for a week.
The challenge of the bodies default methods – like getting sick- kicking in can result in a mechanical shut down be it mental or physical. 

Her life was forced to go on hold while her vehicle/being went into repair, leaving yet another stress to deal with.

Thing is we don’t want to completely shut down like that for an extended amount of time if we can speed up the turnaround safely and simply with regular maintenance checks.  

We were both pretty traumatized…
I contribute my relatively quick turnaround to the regular look under the hood of my being. It did take time to bounce back. I am not talking miracles here, it’s a process.

I learned firsthand what I knew academically. Trauma and grief are not a liner process as they move through our system. The stages of grief are all over the place in recovery.  

The experienced directly showed me the ill effects of trauma and grief do not have to be prolonged.

There are tools to help.
Our inner human technology defaults to personalizing loss and trauma.
It gets all tangled and hard to recognize.
We may not know it is present until those stages start running us.  Here is the insight: Trauma overlaps into some of those same phases.

Grief is not always for a “person” who dies, it can be experienced also when a “thing” dies (the end of).
A relationship, a project, a third of your backyard.

We lose a lot of “things” on our path, making that emotion one we hold on to by default. Usually we don’t know we can let it go, we may not even know it’s there. 

Here is the thing…it does not matter if it was a fire that was put out or a fatal trauma of which you survived.  Our body and mind will go through the same emotions.  So how many traumas and losses do we go through in just living life?

The experience of trauma and loss, big or small, leak toxic waste into our lives left unattended. AND…That’s just some of the bumps in the road we can hit when we cruising along. There are many tangles that can stick to us on the path.

My inner ride is pretty light right now I am happy to report.
My energy is up, regular sleep patterns have returned, and I am taking care of business with greater ease. Sparks of joy are showing up once again. 

And most importantly I don’t have to use up my inner resources by caring extra trauma, drama, and emotional baggage. Those are complete energy suckers!

This powerful work can be effectively productive in smoothing out the toxic buildup of life’s daily stress along with the occasional big hit from nowhere.

Bottom Line:
We don’t have to wait until there is something wrong to keep our vessels (our being-ness) humming. I think you know how much better a hum feels inside vs the raddle of tangled emotions. Acute anxiety and overwhelm being among them.   

We can’t always avoid the external bumps in the road as we travel along. What we can do is keep our inner wheels strong and balanced to glide over the pit wholes a lot easier.

We can sustain lightness and strength to maneuver through the turns with greater ease and grace as we regularly set our inner compass to true north. 

Let’s get out the compass and take a look at how the travel is going.
We can align the path by releasing the tangles before they block the smooth ride. There are always going to be bumps to get over.

A Plan to Keep the Compass Pointed True North.

After 18 years of working with people to arrive at their true north through inner alignment, there is one thing I have seen over and over … those who regularly look under the hood of their being, have had the most joyous journeys.

It is from this place of knowledge, practice and observation that I am opening a maintenance option for us to keep things humming along. This is a personalized time to address your unique needs one on one.

This tune-up service is designed to keep your inner vehicle (body, mind, spirit) balanced, aligned and connected to your highest visions which is your compass pointed to your true north, your  point of bliss as Joseph Campbell describes it.

You are definitely worth and worthy of traveling on the path to optimal living. 

Now let’s see it through in a maintenance sessions designed to fit your needs at a manageable pace and price.

And, if you have arrive at your destination of an Optimal Life…then let’s keep it embodied and humming along.

Question: How often do you have a major tune-up on your internal system? There is value to be gained in being proactive.

Press here to take a look at how a plan can work for you.

If you are ready hope on over and set up your times here.

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We can have a chat about this or other options for you to feel in alignment with what’s important to you. 

When the body, mind and spirit are aligned with what you want how to get it opens up.