Tip to Feeling Fabulous & Free in the Fall by Letting Go


Do you notice changes in yourself
in your body and your rhythms
when the seasons change?

It’s because we are connected to the earth’s energy even if when we are not thinking about it.

We can take advantage of those natural changes, and put them to personal service …like nature uses the different seasons to support the needs of the earth.

We can create our own personal sustainability
by embracing the seasonal changes in ourselves.

Your body will naturally align with what it needs if you allow it to happen, and maybe with a little insight. But your mind might need a little more focused action to get on board with this sustainability idea.

I am going to invite you into curiosity and noticing a way to focus your mental activities in this current season of autumn.

Let’s jump back in time for a minute, back to ancient Asia when the wise sages passed down their knowledge through thousands of years.

The sages narrowed it down to 5 elements and their qualities which is known as the 5 element theory. They taught us how we have within us the same qualities as nature. In our bodies each quality governs a major internal organ such as the lungs.

These qualities are heightened
during the corresponding season.

And we can use this wisdom to sustain balance in our body and in our mind. We can do this by aligning with the qualities of the current season, and by putting those qualities to use in our lives pretty simply.

The element of autumn is metal.
The quality is that of letting go.
The organs are the lungs and large intestine

Both of those organs have the capacity to bring in what is needed and let go of what is used and served its purpose.

Out with the old & in with the new.

The invitation is to enter into curiosity with yourself by noticing what thoughts are no longer serving you. You can take it a step further by breathing out those less useful thoughts with your exhalation, and begin to invite new supporting thoughts in with your inhalation.

Ask without grabbing at it.

I do this myself by just asking without the expectation of a solid answer. I would start with 3 or 4 rounds and work up to 8 rounds of breathing with this invitation to inquiry. This is simple to bring into your daily practice with just a few extra focused breaths.

What story can I let go?

Now ask yourself is there a story that I tell myself or a story that others have told me so long I believe it? Allow it to flow out in a long stream as you exhale, letting the attachment to it go. Now take in a long rich deep breath of an inspiring and supportive thought that supports you.

What belief do I need to let go?

Next ask is there a belief I have that has been playing over and over and seems to be keeping me stuck or causes me distress somehow. Maybe something like….I have to know I can do it perfect before I try…. or is it something like…..I am just a fake, I don’t really know what I am doing.

Ask the question and let it come forward in its own time freely without expectation.

What do I do when something comes up?

Observe as you would in someone you care deeply about with equal parts of wisdom and compassion. As the observer you choose not to participate, reenact, and reattach.  As the observe you choose to be curious.

When it arrives let it go with your exhalation. Then breath in a new higher thought that can turn into a new belief that has the intention to serve you…something like…. I will try this with curiosity and enjoyment…Inhale this new supportive phrase in deeply. Can you feel it inside your body?

My favorite quality to breathe in is

Try this

Exhale out the old stories and beliefs and breathe in the newfound energy.
Feel your personal power expand as your lungs fill with lightness, creativity, clarity and ease.

Sometimes it takes courage

Be brave and have the courage to let go and stand bare shortly… until you grow into your new stories and beliefs… the ones you choose because they support you, serve you, and expand you….and FEEL GOOD!

Maybe you old stories and
beliefs have gotten you here.
“Here” may feel comfortable,
or it may be just getting you through,
and it may be exactly what is holding you back.

The question is will those same stories and beliefs get you where you want to go… or even keep you satisfied where you are?

If you would like some help shaking off of those old dead leaves so you can gain clarity in identifying what new growth will support your higher aspirations…..Then let’s talk.

This is the start of our co-creative work together. Once we shake off the limitations, we get busy planning your new growth for the next season of your life, your vision, your business your relationships, your expansion. See you over at TheTappingChoice.com where we


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Until next time … Enjoy!

Laura Long, Choice Life Coach