“The Level of the Solution Is Not at the Level of the Problem”

The level of the solution you are looking for, hoping for……..CAM00124
is not at the level of the problem 

According to Rudy Tanzi and Deepak Chopra in their book Super Brain”, you can gain insight from your “higher brain”.  The part that has “the potential for creating new solutions”.  Yes, you have the solutions deep within.


 How do I access my higher brain?
            Dr. Tanzi describes it this way…..
“By entering into “allowing” you let go of the thought patterns that get you nowhere”. 

When I read this a note of truth struck and bells rang true!  This is what Tapping does, it allows access to the higher brain.

What’s going on in the lower brain?

Here is where our issues, difficulties, and right out “problems” run lose and wreak havoc.  Here are some patterns that keep our problems stuck in the lower brain

Repetitive thinking

Old conditioning

Obsessive behaviors

Stalled actions

Not that Tapping is the answer to all things…..

But…Tapping can be the rescue for many seasoned seekers and those just choosing to wake up.   Because Meridian Tapping combines the ancient wisdom teachings of the Asian healing arts with modern awareness practices,  it works to release our natural resistance energetically in our physiology.

Tapping tools simultaneously use cognitive aspects that unlock the “lower brain’s” behavior patterns.  That means we talk while Tapping. For more about Tapping check out  What is Tapping & How Does it Work on this blog.


“Allowing” what does that mean?

“There are many paths leading to the mountain top upon which you can see forever

This is what my meditation teacher Asahi Sensei would tell us when we asked what is the best way, what about this method, that modality, this way of doing it….which is the best?  He would answer very simply, there are many paths to enlightenment, and you can try them all, or try just one with the same results. It’s up to you.


Any productive way you can find that quiets the mind from the lower brains uselessness is your path to seeing clearing.  Seeing clearly allows you to make the choices that work for you personally.  


Methods of allowing

You already know many of them like meditation and good old quiet down time; asking questions to your higher self/power than patiently, quietly waiting for the answers.  With access to so many paths of allowing there is one that rings true for me and my clients. 


The Tapping Tools allow quick, painless, and fun methods of accessing the higher brain power we all have deep within. This may or may not be your path to total enlightenment, but it is a genuine path to deeper inner awareness and empowerment…which seems like a strong foot hold into the path up the mountain. 

As Deepak Chopra describes in an article
Your Brain Is The Universe

“Perhaps, we are all tapping into cosmic knowledge (the ultimate software), acting as a portal from one piece of hardware to another, from the brain to reality “out there.” Using the same build for the hardware, Nature has allowed us to enter our mental universe, only to discover the infinitude of the conscious universe.”

My wish is you are inspired to put on your climbing shoes and start checking which path feels like your practice.   Maybe there is an exploration of the many paths to be enjoyed. 


If you need a little help in your exploration of the mountain of life,  I am a great travel guide with many experiences in several deeper wisdom teachings as well as some total free falls.  Both of which have given me an interesting perspective upon which to navigate.  I would be honored to support you on your path if it feels right.


Laura Long,

Life Energy Coach,
Certified Acupressure Practitioner
Board Certified Pro EFT Practitioner
Certified Yoga Teacher 
You can reach me at TheTappingChoice.com



Deepak Chopra, MD is the author of more than 70 books with twenty-one New York Times bestsellers and co-author with Rudolph Tanzi of Super Brain: Unleashing the Explosive Power of Your Mind to Maximize Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Well-being. (Harmony)

Rudolph E. Tanzi, Ph.D., Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy Professor of Neurology at Harvard University, and Director of the Genetics and Aging Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), co author with Deepak Chopra of Super Brain: Unleashing the Explosive Power of Your Mind to Maximize Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Well-being. (Harmony)