Why tears can bring us wisdom towards what we really want.

Are you afraid of your tears?

Have you ever pressed down the tears when you heard a song or a touching musical creation? That was a heart to heart connection when you felt the direct communication the artist was pulling from their heart(s) with the intention of sharing what is in their heart with you.

Take a list to this solo harmonica by Indiara Sfair that vibrates to the core of your heart.

A joy filled surprise washed over me as I listened to this music. I could feel every note of her heart she pulled out to play for me. It felt like a song just for me, so I let the tears wash my eyes for a couple minutes as my hearts vibration fell in sink. That is what a heart connection will feel like…like it’s just for you, and it is.

Those deep connections are beyond words and touch us in places we don’t always have access to in our daily hurry up lives. However; part of REAL life is played out through the experiences of joy which can be touched through creative expression.

The question becomes … are you willing to experience joy even if it’s through your tears? I had a client tell me one time they let go of the expectation of joy. Incidentally tears did not come easy to them either. It does not take much to figure out why this person was also having creative blocks.

I say…..Let the tears flow and let the heart to heart connection in. Pressing them down is like shutting off your love connection, your ability to access joy, and ultimately shutting you down in many areas of your life.

It’s OK to show tears no matter who you are.
In fact letting your tears come is healthy living!


We could use more expression of tears as a powerful connector vs something to hide as if it is a weakness in our world. And….the world starts within you. I am not saying in every experience let them roll, but when you have the opportunity…be proud of your tears.

Our evolution to “optimal living” is to expand our wisdom heart.

The heart is very wise, not just a mushy thing you use with romantic love, or when you see your kids laugh. Those things are valuable too, and there is more to the heart then that.

The optimal access to that wisdom comes from the direct access to the heart vs the shoving down of joyful, expressive tears…or tears of any kind. If you push down one side of your heart you build barriers to the wise parts you desire access to when you need it.

Can you feel it?
Do you let your tears flow when they appear?
Do you want to get out of this post as fast as you can
because you don’t like the idea?


If you find yourself running through life a little numb then that might be an indication that your wisdom heart is not as accessible as it could be.

This is an indication the access to your inner higher knowing is blocked off.


Why should it matter? The thought might be … in this day and age of such crazy making … it’s a good thing to protect my heart, to shut it down, to press down my tears, and to go back into my head where it is safe, where I can judge vs feel.

That works just fine for a while then there comes a time when there is something you want and you can not access it. Like a better job, a giving relationship, improved communication with your kids, your team, your partner, and even the expansion of your business.

You know what you want but you don’t see, feel or know how to get there so easily.

Those are the times we don’t have the answers or even know the questions to ask ourselves. When we can’t easily construct the words to put with the aspiration, we can tell the communication with the wisdom of the heart is turned off.

When the wisdom of the heart is accessible
the answers, the messages, the knowing and the path show up.


It’s a practice to keep your heart open. The practice becomes allowing emotions to flow through and out vs shoved down, piled up, and all sticky and tangled while assigning them little value. Then you only have your head to find your way and it is not the wisest part of you. The head/mind has lots of trappings and inner protective processes that fog up your highest knowing. The mind is not always the most reliable source of the highest truth.

To learn more about letting the barriers to your wise heart down so you can access what is most important to you check out my Heart Wall page. The first conversation is on me.