What Is An Inner Balancing Tune-Up

What is the value of a regular inner balancing tune-up? And… what do you do when it feels like your inner accelerator petal is stuck? I had a recent event that really drove the concept of valuing my inner balance all the way home real quick and personal.   The experience reminded me of how our inner workings are akin to a vehicle of travel. We depend on the parts under the hood to be running smooth, and to get us where we want to go. It was early Sunday morning, still a bit dark. I was deep asleep until Read More

Why tears can bring us wisdom towards what we really want.

Are you afraid of your tears? Have you ever pressed down the tears when you heard a song or a touching musical creation? That was a heart to heart connection when you felt the direct communication the artist was pulling from their heart(s) with the intention of sharing what is in their heart with you. Take a list to this solo harmonica by Indiara Sfair that vibrates to the core of your heart. A joy filled surprise washed over me as I listened to this music. I could feel every note of her heart she pulled out to play for Read More

Improve Meditation with Tapping

Does Tapping Take the place of Meditation? No way, but it sure can help the monkey mind! Here is how to improve meditation with tapping easily. The invitation here is to enhance the feel goodness by utilizing your natural body chemistry right from the start, and get a little jump start on the ancient art of meditation.  Or if you are like me your start up time to that feeling good from meditation takes a while to get to on some days.  The process I describe here will speed that up so you can get to the good stuff faster.  Yeah! Read More

What is Tapping and How Does it Work?

A form of self-applied Acupressure. We lightly tap on healing spots located on the surface of the skin with our fingertips.  The spots/points have a high electrical conductivity at the surface of the skin and are stimulated by your fingertips tapping on them. The stimulation accesses the life force energy of the body. And if you would like to go deeper and see beyond what you can’t see for yourself let’s talk about it. Sometimes you need an experienced guide to point out what you are missing, and help you bridge the gap between where you are and what you want (even if that’s not real clear right now). Read More