alignment SESSION

You are going along just fine and then you look around and see your destination has changed, gotten off it’s track, or feels like you missed your connection some how.
Here is a chance to get the train back on track.

Is your path on track?
Release the invisible barriers pulling you off the track.
Align with your higher aspiration

with a unique emotive language map.
Clear the tangles you don’t
have the words for that are in your way.
Release the stuck stuff disturbing your
inner calm, clarity and purpose.

If you are feeling stressed or stuck – overwhelmed or frozen
and the-in-between of living a modern life –  Long for meaningful relationships –
with your self –
in your professional life
in your personal life
Then let’s talk. Apply Here
The first call is on me!

Here is your chance to align
whats goes on under the scene with your conscious desires.
Power up your actions on to the track and clarity. 

Sometimes to move forward you have to slow down,
back up and set your eye on the track that will get your
inner train moving straight to your path.

The focus of the session is to optimize
your natural state of balance that gets knocked

off center with life’s circumstances and events.

To up level the vibrational alignment of your
goal, desire or aspiration.

Utilizing a unique blend of
Powerful Questions
Eastern Qi Modalities
Human Bio-field Science
Quantum Physics

You will feel the release in your body
The realignment in your mind
Clear out the stuck stuff
Define what you want
Reset your focus

Define a First step

Hear what clients have to say

“I began working with Laura at a time when I felt stuck and struggled with a writing project.
I worked with Laura before and choosing her again was a no-brainer.
Laura is a skilled, experienced coach that makes you feel supported while respecting your autonomy.

Her coaching style is versatile but focused moving effectively between process and content.
She helped me identify what was behind my stuckness and move on.
I highly recommend Laura and look forward to continuing our relationship.”
Maciek W.

“The room suddenly got brighter and I could feel the tension in my body let go.  I started the session confused and frustrated not being able to even articulate clearly what I wanted next.  I only knew what was not working.  Laura helped me quickly shift my view about what seemed like stress into a clear next step. With the releases I started to see a pattern of nonproductive thoughts.  We talked about ways out of that old stuff and looking back it almost seems silly once you can step back and see things with a new lighter, clean clear lens.”
Pat C, 
California USA

“It was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed it, as well as hugely benefited from Laura’s coaching.  She is warm, empathetic, and insightful, and highly skilled at what she does.  I found it easy to open up and within a very short amount of time, she helped me gain new understandings with regard an issue I had been frustrated with. I am delighted and grateful to have been able to work with her.  I feel much more at peace and clear about the direction I want to move into. “
Karen S,

    Say yes to the flow!