Reading List of an Exhilarated Quality of Life

Summer cultivates joy!

This seems to be the time of year we give ourselves permission to play and reconnect with our inner spirit of joy.  Summer cultivates our inner fire and joy in the 5 Elements of our earthly and energetic seasons as defined by the wisdom sages. That’s when we are in balance, and when we are out of balance it can be…well the opposite!


This spring I was down flat with the flu for a few weeks.  It totally disconnected me from my inner joy, and through me so far out of balance I had a rough time finding my spirit again.

Once I started back connecting with my resources such as meditation, pranayama, and reading (in my case listening to Audible) I then slowly came back to life. 

The books reminded me of my greater source, my higher self, who I had let go of during survival mode. 

Reading reminds us of who we really are 

Who we are is beyond the status quo and the habits of survival mode.  If you have had a rough season, and frankly with the crazy making of our world who hasn’t… give yourself permission to check back in and align with authors who have carved a path to our joy, and the aliveness of our inner fire. 

The first is one I have pulled together from recommendations and required readings for clients and courses I have both taken and given.

Laura’s Reading List from

The next two are lists that include fiction to peak your creativity.

O Magazine’s June 2016 reading list

37 best by World Book Reviewers


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