Ask High Quality Questions for a High Quality Life

On the topic of building the skill of inner-ease there are so many choices, so lets keep it simple. 

We are talking about an elevated quality of life here; an alignment with your inner wisdom and with the wisdom of the universe .  A couple of things that can slow down the exhilaration is the quality of the questions we ask and the judgment we apply.  Quality questions can create ease, invoke curiosity and calm judgement. It’s from there we expand.

That doesn’t sound simple, quiet the opposite indeed!  Stay with me for a minute cause I’m getting to the simple part which is to ask yourself empowering questions. Do you know what questions you are asking?

Inner-ease put in a relatable simple way.

It feels so good inside your body and your mind, that it could be mistaken for a drug.  In a way it’s the “feel good” drug you make in your own body as your chemistry is activated and balanced.   It is from there we align with our inner wisdom which is connected to the wisdom of the universe.

From the ease we travel on a path of an exhilarated quality of life. One way to travel is by asking questions.  Not any questions, questions that move you forward.  A low quality question can move you backwards and keep the situation stuck in stagnant grinding  gears in our heads.

There are many tools to stop the grinding of the gears that keep us from our path.  Here we will talk about a couple powerful and deceivingly simple ones. 

And as my first spiritual teacher Asahi sensei would tell us….
“There are many paths to the top of the mountain”.  It’s not as easy to get there if you can’t see the path.  My hope is this will brighten the path for you.

Would you like to enjoy the trip?

We want to go up and we want to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells as we walk our path. Maybe we even want to camp out for a while and simply enjoy where we are.

Tools that support the trek of life, and turn a foggy path into an inspirational adventure have turned out to be a wise investment. It’s like bringing along a walking stick that supports your steps.   

One of my go to tools that creates the feel good chemistry; that provides the stimulation and inspiration to enjoy the path….

 start by asking high pointing quality questions.  

Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”
~ Tony Robbins

I would like to invite you to think about the questions that will inspire and lead you and yours forward vs keeping you all stuck in the status quo. The ones that create energy, vitality, and excitement for an inspiring adventurous path? 

You may have experienced working with this phrase if you have done any meridian tapping (EFT). 

“I want to love, accept and forgive all the parts of me”.
~Lindsay Kenny

This sounds good in theory but doesn’t go too far when the critic is activated. You might call it the “judgement” of ourselves, others, our past and on and on….

If you judge you have no time to love

Ultimately we want inner and outer love, we want to accept ourselves, others, and we want to let go of past regrets…but that “judgment” part keeps us confused about enjoying the hike up the hill. One of the ways to move out of the stagnation of judgement is by asking high quality questions.  

“Questions are never indiscreet, answers sometimes are.”
~Oscar Wilde

Expect no answer, and have no expectation of the outcome. This will help you move out of analyzing to start, which might turn into judging.  Stay in up pointed curiosity, and then let the answer rise. Your only job is to listen openly once you ask.

A high pointing quality questions vs low pointing quality questions could be something like….

High pointing: How will I give some love to this part of me?  
Low pointing: Why do I keep thinking of the past mistakes?

The pointing quality indicates where it will point to in your brain and your metaphoric path up the mountain.  The idea is to point forward into what you want vs pointing to the past full of would’ve, could’ve, should’ve and “why” questions that tangle us up. 

Low pointing quality questions might be a starting point

You can start there if that’s what comes up.  Your inquiry is to turn it into a higher pointing question once you let it have a voice for a short focused time.  Don’t hang out here or your brain and the universal energy will get the message this is what you want to keep.  Acknowledge your feelings however.

The key to beneficial venting is to move out of it by letting it have a voice then moving to wonder and curiosity, and eventually to choice.  Of course if you tap while doing that you will move through it much faster. 

When we have a stuck gear we often need to work it out in the negative to get it moving out of reverse and into a new forward moving gear.  Once out of the stuck gear you can play with it with something like “I wonder” or “What will I find if I open to curiosity here”.

questions that bring you forward into curiosity vs  backward in regret.

I invite you to play, explore and get curious about the questions you ask yourself, your team, your loved ones. Consider bringing on this metaphoric walking-stick on to the path of life that supports the enjoyment of the environment along the way.

Here Michael Beckwith’s version of empowering questions (3 minutes).

Shout out to Tess Pierson for lighting up this concept in me.