How To Keep Up The Good Feelings?

Have you noticed how great you feel after a Tapping session? 

Here are some ways to keep up your good feelings regularly. Start feeling good every day! Trying these ideas in small bits at a time will plant the seeds to grow your garden of life into a daily enjoyable experience. 

The key to continuing the momentum of your expansion, into feeling good every day, is to make it enjoyable.  

1 – Tap on the side of the hand on the karate chop point (KC) for 20 seconds while breathing deep and even breaths.  Do this 10 times a day.  In other words as often as you can for 3 weeks.

Your meridians follow the patterns of your state of being.

If you are overexposed to something that is disrupting the correct flow of your energy patterns, (electronics, negative thoughts) you fall out of balance repeatedly.

Your flow of chi will come to balance with several reminders per day of you intention to be in harmony. When your meridian chi flow is balanced you will keep your emotions in balance. 

This practice is called a General Polarity Reversal repair (GPR). With regular correction, and removal of the toxin you are exposed to, you will come back to your natural state of harmony.

Ways to remember

Attach it to things you do regularly such as use the  bathroom, when you drink water, when you take breaks, before you eat. Create some visuals for yourself to remember.  Use tactile reminder you will see such as a bracelet or ring.

2 – Morning Reminder (3 minutes) 

Remind yourself every morning of your commitment to be kind to yourself.  Morning is the best time, even before you get out of bed. 

Bring some joy to your feelings by reminding yourself of how it feels to be taking healthy, focused, conscious actions.

Find a mantra or Ultimate Truth Statement for yourself to say every morning.

3 – Make a plan

Find some fun ways to implement your plan of finding substitutes for old habits, and patterns of thought.  Remember to include rewards for yourself. 

Substitute: Decide well ahead of time…what you will do instead of the habits you are trying to break.  Don’t leave it up to will power now. Be kind to yourself, and plan ahead.

Being kind to yourself can include comforting, so it’s good to find ways to comfort yourself.  This time around, choose  ways that benefit your well-being, and are in line with your personal goals.

Reward: Set up a reward system.  Make it one that gives gratification fairly quickly.  Include rewards that can be obtained regularly after each little success. Treat yourself to a movie, music, or take a break with an easy walk.

Later when you have built up enough momentum in your rewards, go for a long-term reward, like saving for a massage, or a retreat you have been wanting to take.

This lets your primal brain know it’s safe, it’s what you truly want. This does not have to be material.  It could be a pleasurable thought, sound, or smell. Something pleasing to the senses. 

Make your rewards in line with your goals.  A hot bath to help you sleep, or a candle light yin yoga session in the evening will feel like a kind offering to yourself.

4 – Journal your emotions and Tap them out. 

Do a Tapping session, 5 minutes every morning and night, before the old habits set in.  This will calm your emotions, and allow your new choices to be followed with ease.

Put a small pad in your purse or pocket to make quick notes during the day about what to tap on during your evening tapping session.

Extra feel good points if you tap in the morning too.

There doesn’t have to be anything bothering you to Tap.  If nothing is on your mind, Tap on the points a couple of rounds while breathing deeply and evenly. This will bring balance to your system, and calm the monkey in your mind. You will notice a difference.

5 – Long term plan to rewire your old patterns. 

Educate yourself on how your brain works. Listen or read what experts have to say on the subject of happiness.

Play or listen to audio’s late at night, or even while you sleep, while you drive, exercise, cook or clean. Use your phone or notepad or CD player to listen to audio recordings that can help you create new neuro-pathways. That’s what makes your habits change including your thoughts.  This can be one of the substitutes you choose for the habit change.

If you are not an auditory learner, meaning you comprehend better by reading, you will find books at the library or online by these same authors on the subject of happiness and the like.

Try these calming recordings to get you started creating, and keeping up your good feelings daily.

Wayne Dyer – How to Overcome Resistance to Good – Full Version…listen a little at a time.

Robert Holden MD – How To Be Happy
This is one of my favorites!  I get so much from Dr. Holden, and he is so pleasant and easy to listen to. 

Ester Abraham Hicks – How to feel good instantly.

Hay House Radio – Listen to Jessica & Nick Ortner’s show and see all the other great hosts for an instant feel good time.

The Tapping As A Practice Blog – for Tapping scripts, articles and more.

The Tapping Choice Pinterest page – A collection of carefully selected videos, audio, and articles by specialists in their field.  You will find many ways to grow your good life garden there. 

Happy Gardening, and Happy Tapping.

Laura Long, Certified Pro EFT Practitioner