Is Your Internal Map Getting You Where You Want To Go?

 What is the map in your mind?

We know what a map is, and how it works on paper, or in a digital format.  You look at the map to see where you are in relationship to where you want to go.

We depend on a map to give us landmarks.

Those familiar landmarks are what you identify with.  They tell you if you are going the right way.  Our internal compass includes our thought processes, which turn into our actions.  We see landmarks we are familiar with and follow then often without thinking about.

You some times have to go on auto pilot, right?

You don’t want to check to see if the floor’s in place every time you take a step.   Our brain has a very large portion that handles these kinds of tasks without thinking consciously about it.  This works great most of the time.  What’s not so great is when we recognize the old landmarks we’re used to, and follow them unconsciously, thinking it is going to get us to our newly desired destination. 

Ever head of the term Presupposition?

Andrew Bradbury, a social psychologist, describes these automatic responses as “presuppositions”. 

The presupposition process has these qualities:

The context makes the meaning. 

We assume that things going on around us have one meaning.

That meaning is actually our unique perception.

Our unique perception is determined by the context we have     been exposed to.

Our automatic behaviors have a positive intention. 

The purpose is to protect you, or to unburden you from repetitive tasks; driving, walking, eating, responding.

   You want to get to your destination simply and safely.

This automatic behavior once was appropriate in some context. It worked for a while, until you noticed how you have not been getting what you want.  If the destination changes, and the old map is in place, we get off track. We respond to our internal map as our reality.  

So the question becomes how well are you keeping your mental map up to date? 

Can you resonate with any of these ideas?

If you keep doing what you are doing, you will get the same result.

If you want something different you must do something different.

Having more choices increases the desired outcome.

Change makes change.

The meaning of your communication/thoughts is the answer you get.

Here is the good news!

You have everything you need.
There is nothing broken.
You don’t need to be fixed.
It is not failure, it’s feedback on how to do it differently.
Your brain & body are indivisible parts of the same system.
If your thoughts come to balance, your body can follow.

How do you know you are following a not so up-to-date map? 

The simplest way is to ask yourself; am I getting what I want? If your internal map by which you are interpreting your path is serving you, you would be there.  Another way is to notice when there are signs and symptoms showing up that are not serving your best interest, you are likely using the old outdated map.

How do you get a new map to follow?

Start with awareness, and you started just now!  That was easy. 

Sure, most of us know when we are not getting what we want; when we don’t feel the way we want to feel.  Go ahead continue with that.  Draw it out, bring it to light, and give it a voice.  This is what we call the awareness of something that is not working in your life.

This is the first round we do in Tapping, we simply state what is not working, while we tap on the healing and clearing points of the body.

Once you have cleared the automatic responses in the energy body with the Tapping process, you next describe what you want.  Where do you want to go, quickly, simply and safely?  Describing your desire is the laying down of the lines of the new map to follow.

Now that the old map is cleared out and you now know your desired course… can choose the destination with clarity.  You can design for yourself the most enjoyable path to your desired destination.

Tip: Don’t get caught up in the details:
Think of your new map as being in the “expanded view” format.  The one that says you are here, you want to go there, here is the direction you want to go in, and here are some names of a couple of streets. 

OK, here we go.   You have cleaned up the old stuff; you know what you want and have chosen your desired destination. 

Now feel the feelings of being there, really feel it! 

There will be a new set of positive emotions to work with along the way.  These are the ones you have made the choice to experience.

You will know you are on track by how good you feel.  So go ahead and start driving, even if you don’t know every single new landmark. 

You will be making the new desired landmarks along the way.  Trust in your choice!

Laura Long, CAP, Pro EFT IV

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