Do you know how to dance with your intentions?

The power of intention comes through the dance of clarity.

It is like a dance to work the aspects of creation, to weave together clarity, intention, and opportunity for change. Yes “change” can shift into opportunity when you stay with the rhythm of the cosmos!

It might feel a little wobbly and awkward, maybe even painful to allow change to take the lead in the dance of creation…and still stay clear about what your big picture intention is.  Sometimes you are the leader and sometimes you are the follower, and both to the rhythm of the moment. This is the dance.

You have heard that setting your intention is a part of powerfully bringing to life your vision, your creations, your goals and aspirations.  Well what happened to living in the moment and letting go of a projected outcome?  Isn’t that the “mindful” method of enjoying what you are doing vs chasing a dream way out in the future? 

Can we live in the moment and still want something different for the future?

If the two concepts seem to be in conflict let’s take a second to bring some clarity to light. Hum, yes! Clarity, that’s the key connector of the two concepts. Get clear about your intention then enjoy the freedom of the creative dance bringing it to life.

Defining the details maybe a part of clarifying your intention, and so is going with the flow; following the lead and then taking the lead. The mindful aspect of staying with what is happening now vs looking too far into the future or too far in the past is the dance with the cosmos as it is right now.

SanKalpa is an ancient word that defines the power of intention. 

Through the synchronistic rhythmic pattern of flow one invites the heart to dance with the mind and the cosmos.  The one element that brings SanKalap (powerfully elevated intention) alive is clarity.  Yet it is one of the hardest things to pin yourself down to describe.

Let the heart take turns leading the dance.

The heart has its own inelegant ability to provide high level information and experiences when we listen for its wisdom. The HeartMath institute has illuminated the science of the powerful heart, upon which SanKalp draws, with their research and fascinating findings.

The heart has its own neurons for communicating with the nervous system and ultimately with the brain for the mind’s interpretations.  Another mind blowing finding is the magnitude of the electoral projection of the heart. That powerful magnetic force is the first thing to arrive in the room and to be interpreted by other hearts. 

You have experienced this when you enter a group and found who you wanted to engage with, and who you just weren’t feeling it with. This is the communication and interpretation of the magnetic fields of the hearts playing out their natural, behind the scene, communication.  

Maybe the communication came as vibe or a visceral feeling you get about your surroundings, or people. The vibe can open you up or close you off, feel playful or fearful, inviting or withholding. 

The heart’s communication may come to us through our body like when we say I can feel it in my gut, or my gut tells me it’s right or wrong choice.  This may in fact be the communication of the heart to the gut (which also has its own neurons) as a method of delivery. So what we know is the less visual aspects play a role in creating a vibrational attraction to what’s going on inside. 

If that is the case then clarity becomes the key to creating the vibrational attraction which is the prerequisite to the larger vision we are creating with intention.

What does the heart have to do with it? 

With that much wisdom to interpret what is right for us we can access higher levels of clarity utilizing the aspects that will bring us the outcome we are aspiring to, and at the same time help navigate through change.

One of the elements that brings alive our intention is clarity. Yet to clearly define, describe, feel and embody what we want is one of the hardest questions to answer.

If we don’t know what it looks like, how it feels to have it, and how life will be when our intentions are fulfilled, then we don’t recognize the opportunities that present themselves in the sacred dance with synchronicity.  We don’t see the dots that are waiting to be connected, or the opportunity to go this way or that.

Often we have to start with what we don’t want. 

That is usually pretty clear and easy to answer.  Now can you flip it?  Can you ask your heart to chime in on the question and give a little sample of what life, the world, our relationships will be like when the aspiration is in full bloom.  That is the question to ask your heart. Show me what it’s like, show me what it feels like so I will know it when the pieces are presented.  

Get curious about possibility by asking your heart questions!

Maybe the answer is not immediate, and that’s when the willingness to be in the moment and let the outcome go really has it’s time to shine.  Likely a sensation or a feeling will come before an actual thought.  Let that feeling vibrate through you and take it’s time to form its words.  Ask a few powerful questions to yourself and to others if they are involved in bringing forth an intention with clarity. 

Questions create the shift from knowing what you don’t want to clearly setting your intention to experiencing something different.

How will I feel when I have this?
Then how will “we” feel (co-creators)?
How will my life (and/or the life of others) be different with this?
What aspects of myself do I want to bring to this?
What do I want to let go of to allow this to have its own opportunity to thrive?
How will others interact with me?
What are the specifics of the general terms that come to mind at first?
For example what does “at peace” mean to you.  

What is your version of “success”, “a successful outcome”?

How to expand the clarity and optimize the intention.

Research shows you have a greater chance of optimizing your intentions when you write out the clarifications, and even greater when to tell someone.

Answer the questions you asked your heart, as they come and notice their evolution.  When you first start the answers may be slower to come until you sit with them for a bit and let it cook.  The writing helps the cooking process.  You start to really smell and taste what coming to a full stew will be like.

Open your heart to show you the dots that connect the steps along the way.  Ask yourself what is the tiniest step and let that led you to the next, and the next.

Then come the “buts”!

Once you start to define and gain clarity about your intentions the automatic protector in you may start to show up in your inner dialog saying….yes but!  Yes but there is this, and there is that, appearing as obstacles in the way. 

Don’t completely ignore this protective inner voice and don’t let it stick around for very long either.

Listen and counter them one by one offering some reassurance with the maturity that has developed in you. The inner dialog and visceral feelings are warnings not to recreate the past. Take the warning, trust you have grown and assure yourself you can be safe with new experiences.  Be willing to work with and move past the natural resistance to change as it arises. 

Acknowledge the desire to stay safe and comfortable in the status quo as a natural need to stay clear of the “perception” of danger which the idea of something new may present.  Thank the resistance for trying to protect you and let the inner protector of you know you got this, you will stay safe, and you will take on new changes in tiny steps. 

Now put on your metaphorical dancing shoes, feel the rhythm in your heart, and map out your intentions by asking yourself some clarifying questions.

And if you need a little help with that, I am here to help. Your first call is on me to see how this might work.

Laura is a trained professional providing a whole being experience to other open minded professionals who are ready to bridge the gap between their external success and their unique version of an optimal life from the inside out.