The Choice of Gratitude

A state of gratitude can shift your mood and your perception.

 Here is a taste of how doing your morning practices can include gratitude.

Let’s talk a bit about why you would want to “live in gratitude”.  What does that even mean? What are the benefits? In other words…whats in it for me!

What does living in gratitude mean?

It is a way of looking, feeling and thinking about each moment of your day all the way up to the big stuff such as your life.  You might call it appreciation, or maybe delight, in awe, grateful for.

You can only live in gratitude one breath at a time.

In other words, looking for ways to be thankful and appreciative happen in the moment.  It’s kinda hard to think of anything in the future in gratitude because it hasn’t happened yet.

Why is keeping your focus in the moment a good thing?

It keeps you from a mind spin in to the future where you start to spin-off into stories, predictions, application of your limiting beliefs, and worries.  It keeps the monkey in your mind from swinging from thought to thought out of control. Having some control over your thoughts is a good!

Who couldn’t use a little more ease in life? 

Peace, then a little more, and then total peace.   Peace or whatever word you use to describe the mood that comes over you while in a state of gratitude is priceless.  The way you relate to others and the pure joy that delights you in every moment expands as you grow in the practice.

How do you do it?

Start small and start right away.  Look around and see the morning sun shining through, and giving us light.  Notice the smell of the coffee, the color of the tea, and how grateful you are to have it this morning.  Notice how wonderful running water anytime you want is a gift. What are some of the little things in your daily life that you don’t always give notice to, yet makes things easier?

Move up at your pace to the bigger things.

How grateful are you for an aspect of your life: great family, friends, pets, and a steady income?  Focus more on what is working in your life. It’s like any thing you give attention, and love to.  It grows!

Ultimately a life of gratitude is more than just a good mood.

In a state of gratitude you alien with your higher self.  Or if you prefer, with the universal spirit that connects us all.   For some that is a higher power outside of self.  Yet, it starts with you, then the connection is made any way you praise it.

Yeah, OK, how does that get me what I want?

Here is the part that takes a little trust.  If you practice being in gratitude of what you want more of, then it comes easier and faster.  Being in a state of lack or dishonoring of yourself, others, and your surroundings brings more of the same.

Here is how to stimulate the feelings of gratitude.

Map of where to put your finger tips to stimulate your feel good chemistry.

On each of the Tapping points express your desire to be in gratitude. Do three rounds, each with a different set up statement.

Round one: Tap through the disbelief, and the doubt of this being of benefit.  Tap on the points and talk about the “Yes Buts” that come up for you. 

If you are already there; tap on each point as you describe the things you are grateful for.

Side of the hand point: Repeat three times (just on this point):  Even though some days it’s hard to think about living in gratitude. I want to explore the idea of feeling better, even if there is a part of me that resists it.  And, I love and accept all the parts of me any way.

Make it yours.  Express what you’re feeling about this way of thinking, and being, as you tap on each point with your finger tips.  Use both hands and go for it.  It’s easy!

Now start tapping on each of the points on the body starting with the Eyebrow point, and ending on the top of the head. 

Eyebrow: Sounds too good to be true to me.

Side of the eye: How could being thankful change me so easily?

Under the eye: I am used to worrying and I don’t know if I can stop

Above and below the mouth: Nobody I know acts like this and I will be the strange one.

Collar bone: I tried a bunch of stuff before and I lose interest, then it doesn’t work.

Under the arm: How can I remember to do this?

Ribs: I feel weird walking around being grateful for stuff all the time.

Wrists: What would I be like if I was not subject to a bad mood now and then, it’s perfectly normal to have a mood or two?

Crown of the head: Maybe I could be a little happier, a little more often and…..what if it was that easy?

Round two
Move your thoughts into the
desire to be happier more often and in gratitude.

Side of the hand:  Repeat three times (just this point).  Even though there is a part of me that is holding on to the idea this gratitude thing is a little silly (or what every you feel goes here), there is a part of me that wants to be happier and believe I can have it.  And, I accept all the parts of me anyway.

Eyebrow: What if I could be happier more often?

Side of the eye: My life would be more enjoyable.

Under the eye: I would have peace from the worries.

Above and below the mouth:  What if I tried it just as an experiment for a while, just to see how I feel?

Collar bone: I really do want to feel more at ease and relate to others with ease.

Under the arm: I would like to have less stress in my life.Ribs: I would like to be my best so I can give my best.

Wrists: I willing to give it a try, it doesn’t sound that hard.

Crown of the head: Yeah, I want to feel better, and connect with my highest self

Round three:  Now move in to pure
choice once you feel you are ready.  If not do a couple more rounds in desire and put to rest more of the yes buts.

Side of the hand:  Even though there may be a tiny bit of me that wants to hold on to my resistance to bringing gratitude into my life as a practice…..there is a much larger part of me that wants to have the benefits.  I want the larger part of me to be the one to make the choice to jump on in.  And,  I accept all the parts of me anyway.

Continue tapping on the rest of the points of the body with your own words that describe your choice to commit to a gratitude practice.  You can’t mess it up! There is no real wrong thing to say.  Just say what you feel. 

In this round include some positive phrases that describe how you choose to have a gratitude practice.

Here are some ideas…make it your own!

Eyebrow: I choose gratitude.

Side of the eye: I choose to make myself happier by noticing things to be grateful for.

Under the eye:  I choose to lineup and meet the positive nature of my best self.

Mouth points: I choose to align with the good nature of universal energy.

Collar bone:  I choose to have more of what I take notice of in appreciation.

Wrists: I choose to be happier, and noticing when I am out of alignment.

Crown of the head: I choose to be kind to myself when bringing myself back to gratitude as often as I need to. 

When you feel the shift, tap on the back of the hand point for a few seconds.  Take a deep breath in and feel the changes.

That’s the idea, and it takes very little time.  The beauty of tapping on your own is you can fully express yourself.  So give it a try.

If you would like to take Tapping to another level, or not getting the results you like, then contact me to explore how we can work together.

Sometimes another person to help you see around the corner of your own blind spots can put just the right re-frame you need to get back on your path of bliss.

We can start with a  talk about how we can work together .


Happy Tapping!
Laura Long, CAP, Pro EFT IV Certified Practitioner

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