Heart Alignment

process to move beyond the barriers

Designed to release the knots and tangles pulling at your highest level of success!

This is for you if you are ready to break through the hidden walls keeping you in your current status quo, and if you are ready to step into the wisdom of your intelligent heart, and align with your highest inner wisdom.

From This Wisdom
You Fill In the Missing Bits of Your
Unique Version of Inner & Outer Success

This program is designed to release those invisible barriers
you can feel but don’t always have the words for.

Those barriers feel like a wall keeping you from your
inner and outer success,
your relationships and even
your good health and well-being.

Those Barriers Build Up Over a Lifetime of circumstances & events

They have acted as a defense, a process to keep you away from discomfort. That used to work, but now it keeps you stuck in the status quo of what was vs what you want.
In order to see things differently let’s break through those outdated invisible layers keeping your from your higher truth, greatest wisdom and authentic connection.

This Work releases Those Barriers

Our work together lets you see what’s missing. It sets you up for your version of success be it in your business and/or your relationship, and even your good health and well-being.

 Higher levels of life light you up from the inside with clarity

Life just gets easier! 

  • Small shifts can create a huge impact on your life.
  • You grow energy that aligns with what matters to you deeply.
  • You gain a refreshed excitement for life from all the following benefits.

Stuff gets done!

  • Suddenly you are doing more without thinking about it.
  • There is less lack luster planning, making meetings, and creating endless to do lists.
  • You take swift, confident action without the laborious overthinking.

Your choices get easier!

  • You can see clearly what’s right for you without the layers of outdated trapped stuck stuff blocking your vision, your intention and your purpose.

Relationships get easier to align, find, and sustain the heart connection!

  • There is an increased willingness to expand the good relationships and navigate away from the draining relationships.
  • You keep the relationships you want vs finding what you want and losing it
  • Your inner relationship with yourself expands as the communication with your wisdom heart develops.
  • You take action from the wisdom of your heart vs the barriers of protection from the past.
  • It’s clear to see who matches your true heart from the inside vs only the outside image.

You raise the vibe!

  • As the heavy stuff lifts you look, feel and act with a lightness of heart that lifts your nonverbal electromagnetic field of communication to a higher vibration of attraction.
  • Your positive presence amplifies.
  • You align easily with like minds and hearts vibrating at a higher lighter unseen energetic frequency.
  • You repel drama, darkness and low vibrational energy.

Your energy increases!

  • It takes a lot of energy to up those barriers and to stay behind the layers.
  • The armored heart takes a lot of energy from you to keep up the barriers.
  • When you let them go and design an up to date method of communicating with your inner wisdom of the heart….
  • Your physical and mental energy is free to grow.

Healthy gets easier!

  • As stress is released more energy can be applied to the biological balance of your organs and body systems.
  • Communication between your organs and nervous system harmonizes from the stabilized chemistry of the body and mind…
  • Creating a stronger immunity and a greater sense of well-being.

Life gets exciting!

  • Your mojo revs up from the heart connections you develop from the deep inner work.
  • You think outside of the box, seeing expansive views easier.
  • When your invisible barriers are gone you have a clear, laser sharp focus on what lights you up
  • You have the energy to align with what matters to you deeply.

Program includes

  • Alignment with your aspirations.
  • The depth of the barriers around your wisdom heart.
  • The communication between your wisdom heart and your emotional brain.
  • Asses the balance of the subtle energy body:
    • The Chakras
    • The Meridians
    • The bio-fields
  • Release the trapped, outdated stuck stuff.
  • Reconnect your inner heart wisdom and cognition.
  • Establish alignment with what matters to you deeply.
  • Create a high vibrational projection of your true best self.
  • Fine tune the connections between the…
    • Heart and Brain
    • The Chakras
    • The Meridians

First step to inner peace and heart brain congruence is to set up a discovery call to get curious about how we can work together and make this happen for you. 

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