Getting started is simple and quick...

Download the materials to your phone/tablet/computer. 
Take a look at the point chart to see where you will place your fingers and gently tap a few times.  
You will tap gently on each of the points as you breathe in and out with awareness. 

Before you start

Read the written directions to get an idea of how it goes.
Then give it a try while listening to the Audio. 
There is no wrong way to do it, and if you want to change it up …. go for it. 
Do it your way if it feels better to you. 
Set a time to practice daily if you can or regularly. 

The purpose of this practice is to 

1-Stimulate the energy points with your fingertips (see chart). 
What this does is releases your natural feel good chemistry like when you have Acupuncture without the needles.  It is that same kind of natural wellbeing that comes as if you went for a treatment when done often. 
2-Calm the nervous system with both the feel good chemistry you get from the tapping on the points and a cognitive addition by stating there is some thoughts spinning, or out of balance in some way.  This sooths the amygdala, that part of the brain that gets over stimulated or shuts down.  
3-The breathing is another way into the body’s natural feel good feedback loop, and adds yet another layer of ease. 
Put the materials in position for your morning or evening practice.  
Try a little trick called habit stacking which goes like this….. 
When you want to try something new you add it to what you are already doing regularly. 
What do you do in the morning or in the evening where you can add this practice? 

Set it up right away or this becomes another one of those things that sounded good at the time and soon went into the pile of  "I will get to it later" stuff. 

This is my personal go to practice.  I do it in the morning and habit stack it with my morning tea and meditation.  In fact this is how I start my meditation because I often need to calm my nervous system before I meditate.  And, some days this is my meditation.  My coaching clients also do the practice and a few more I teach in our work together.  I have seen them make major shifts in their ease. 
If you have any kind of stress in your life, and who doesn’t…. this will bring you down right bliss.  Or I can speak for myself and say this does it for me often. At the least it brings me clarity, and opens my inspiration and creativity.  
There is so much more I could say….but you try it!  Let me know how it goes for you
And for more goodness you can follow my Facebook page where I often give demonstrations and present more ways to cultivate ease, clarity and creativity….and FUN! 
If you would like to go deeper and want to talk about what that might be …
apply for a complimentary curiosity call with me and let’s talk about it. 

Remember to cultivate the fun as much as the rest. 


Tap Feel Breath practice for inner alignment & ease

Tapping Points

Tap Feel & Breath audio 8 min practice