Forgiveness is the fertilizer For the Garden of Your Life

here is How to forgive for your own joy.

In the spring you might be looking forward to all the new growth all around. If you are a Gardner & we are all Gardeners of our lives, you will be planting seeds of things you would like to grow, things you are interested in seeing an end result with.

We grow our imagination, our creativity, our relationships, our business, and our lives. We cultivate our good health and spiritual connections too. We cultivate and grow what provides us the nutrients of our lives and the beautiful things we want to see around us.

Gardeners and farmers are master creators we model to design our own life.
They know how to take a tiny seed and turn it into a nourishing outcome.

In the process of gardening these master creators know there is a foundation substance upon with to plant these desired seeds.  The foundation is a good clean nutrient rich soil, and they know to get that soil they need to clear out the energy sucking weeds before they plant the seeds, or all the energy and nutrients go to the weeds leaving no room for the food and the flowers of life.

We are the gardeners of our lives.
There are a lot of weeds in our foundation – unless you have gone beyond the basic human experience.

A deeply rooted weed within our foundation can suck our energy which is a key nutrient for our garden of life. These energy and nutrient sucking weeds show up in our human form as negative thoughts, feelings and emotions acting as the seed of our actions. Our action is the stem of life upon which our plants grow and take in.

One of those strong emotions that sucks our energy (a nutrient of joy) is RESENTMENT. The weed of resentment grows and spreads if left unattended. The weed seeds can grow more life sucking thoughts and emotions such as frustration, regret, guilt and anger spreading it’s toxins throughout posing our foundation.

We can grow our best seeds in a fertile clean soil free of toxic weeds sucking the energy we need to cultivate what truly nourishes us.

Spring is a perfect time to enrich the soil of our lives.

This spring I am going to cultivate my practice of forgiveness towards those people and situations I feel resentment for.

I am going for the ones with the deepest roots first…but really it doesn’t matter where to start.  It’s not something to do wrong.  When I go out into my backyard I sometimes have a goal I want to reach and other times I just start pulling the weeds.

Do you have some weeds to pull out of your garden of life in this spring season of new growth?

Who or what do you need to forgive? I would like to invite you to try this with me in your daily practices.  Don’t worry if you don’t have your ritual time mapped out on your calendar start this spring (or anytime).

Mark out 10 minutes to sit quietly and breathing in light and intention.  Light, breath, and intention is a nutritious formula for our inner garden, and does double duty as a weed killer that helps dissolve those life sucking deep roots (negative thoughts and feelings).

Start by taking long controlled breaths.  After several deep, long fine breaths image a light above you and below you.  Breathe the light into your body.  Do it your way. Fill your body with coming in from all directions.

Now simply say who do I need to forgive?  Take the first answer you get even if it’s yourself. Forgiving yourself can be an important weed to pull out because it has deep roots that spread and take over areas under the soil you may not see.

Continue to take long controlled breaths of light in filling your body.  Now set the intention of forgiveness. Stay out of the story and the movie of it.  Freeze the picture and say I forgive you because I want to let go of all this negativity that steals my energy.  No other reason.  I want this for me, and it doesn’t make any of it right.  I want all of my inner power and I want this part out. Be gone from all the layers and directions of its existence.  Say – it is safe to let this go now.

Our mind and body is designed to keep us safe. If we have any idea (logical or not) that we won’t be safe if we let this go, then we won’t.  Let the wiser part of you let the protective part of you know you will be safe and cared for if this goes.

Now see if there is a part of your body associated with this.  Breathe in light and notice which areas of your body stay full or have a sensation, a pain, and some tension.  Bring the light to that area saying I release this from my body and name it.  Bring more light to the area again.

This may take time until you can fully see the light in that area.  That’s normal and a part of the release.  Keep bringing breath, light and intention (your special nutrients) to those areas.  Continue the next day if you like, but leave yourself with a positive statement such as I continue to illuminate to darkness with light.  I choose to plant the seeds I wish to see grow and allow the weeds to leave. Eventually you will see your whole body illuminate and them you can move on to the next weed.

Being the master Gardener of your life takes consistent attention to your foundation upon which you plant the enjoyable seeds of life. 

What’s the next weed you will pull out?

If the deep-rooted ones feel too difficult to start with begin with smaller irritations, frustrations and resentments such as something that happened recently.  The deeper roots have likely been growing sense your formative years, so be gentle and kind with yourself by getting use to the idea, and starting with some of the more surface weed roots of resentment.

The antidote for resentment is forgiveness and remember it’s only for you.  No one else is allowed to plant seeds in your beautiful garden of life unless invited.

If you cultivate this practice for 10 minutes or less you will notice a shift in your energy, your mood and your health.  Of course as always, if you need support I encourage you to do so. This practice is one I use in the deep dive part of Optimal Life Coaching.

You are welcome to apply for a complimentary curiosity call where we take a look at where you are and where you want to go. We identify some of the aspects in the way, and begin to map out a plan to get you where you want to go.

Apply here and set your time to talk

I wish you happy gardening while you cultivate the life you design by planting beautiful seeds that grown into what matters to you deeply.  Start by making some room for it!

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