Emotions of the Tapping Points

I will now let you in on the mystery of tapping.

I believe this seemingly mysterious modality can be demystified by talking about how our emotions have a relationship to all of our being, including our organs. Tapping or EFT has been watered down for the general public, but I have more faith in the GP and you. I believe if you have a little deeper understanding of what’s going on when you feel off your game, you will feel more empowered. My hope is you will feel empowered enough to make tapping a practice that transforms your ability to stay on your game, in your zone, and on your path of bliss.

The points we tap on access little rivers of healing, and vitalizing energy.

Chi is the Chinese word describing this flowing invisible substance which roughly translates to Vital Life Force Energy. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has mapped out these healing pathways that run through our body like tiny rivers connecting to each of our organ systems. This vital energy is influencing our body chemistry, and even our emotions.

When we tap with our fingertips on these access points, on the outside of the body, we are stimulating our life force energy (chi). We literally have healing energy at our fingertips. This flowing healing force continues internally through either our limbs, torso, or head, and eventually dives down into our organs.

Each tapping point stimulates a different pathway, and organ.

There are several points on a given pathway, which means there are several places on the body, that when stimulated, will influence the flow of chi. Each pathway governs a different organ. The pathways become interconnected in a continuous circuitry, never beginning, and never ending…until we die. Death is the extreme experience of our rivers of energy being disrupted, and unable to flow through our organs and circuitry.

When our flow of vital life energy is disrupted, we become out of balance.

We have smaller experiences of the disruption of our energy flow resulting in dis-ease (a lack of ease) in our organ systems, body chemistry, and emotions. Our human emotions are how we live in the world. Because we are human, and have a body, we experience our emotions by the fluctuating chemical reactions streaming through us. Our chemistry is governed by energy flowing correctly in our circuitry.

Are you starting to see the circle of interconnections?

It all begins with the free-flowing chi through our pathways, which are called meridians by the way. Meridians, little rivers, pathways, channels; all different words to describe the flowing movement of our most vital life force energy (chi) as it moves through our body. The correct flow of chi is the core regulator of our homeostasis. This is how the proper flow of these pathways becomes our “healing energy”.

There are several ways to stimulate the correct flow of chi.

You likely know of Acupuncture with the tiny needles on the outside of the body. They don’t hurt by the way. Acupressure, and many forms of body work, along with Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Martial Arts and Yin Yoga work with the flow of chi as well. Even our breathing, what we put in our bodies; food, herbs, medication, water, and the thoughts we think, influences the flow of chi in our meridians. Electrical stimulation can alter the flow of chi, so you might want to take regular breaks from your electronics.

Let’s take an insightful dive into our emotions.

When we tap on an access point on the body, we are stimulating the same meridians mapped out and used by ancient healers as far back as the beginning of the written word, and likely well before. With this long history has come the identification of which meridians influence which emotions.

The great thing about Pro EFT is we stimulate all of the major meridians.

The ancient wisdom teachers have associated the disruption of flow in a pathway with a corresponding emotion, and its governing organ. When we tap we access them all. By stimulating all the pathways with our tapping, and talking about our emotions, we influencing our natural healing ability with the flow of chi.

We call this “clearing the emotional blocks” to our well-being energetically.

Our total well-being most definitely includes our emotions which are also influenced by our thoughts. Thoughts can influence chi flow, so we need to work with our thoughts, our emotions, and our meridians when we are looking to make positive transformation in ourselves. When we address the energetic body, in conjunction with our emotions, we gain very rapid positive results.

Let’s talk about the pairing of the meridians into yin and yang energies.

Each of the 12 meridians are named after the organ it governs. Each organ meridian is paired with its opposite energy type. An organ is considered yin if it’s a sold organ such as the spleen, and the heart. A hollow organ is considered a yang organ such as the stomach and the small intestine. One of the yin and yang pairings is the spleen and the stomach. A balanced meridian pair is one that has an even flow of yin and yang chi between them.

Yin energy is nourishing, supporting, and the inward expression of our being.

Yang is the opposite energy which is action oriented, and a stronger display of our outward expression. To get to the core we begin with the inner expression (yin) which controls the outer expression (yang). When we discuss the emotions associated with the meridians we describe the yin meridians. If the inward emotion is balanced the out ward expression changes.

It’s natural to feel emotion; it’s how we work our way through the world.

When our emotions are in balance we move through them easily. When an emotion becomes dominate, and does not pass through us easily, we can become blocked, trapped, and stuck in moving through the emotion, and even forward in life. The excessive focus of the out of balance emotion becomes how we travel through our word. Signs and symptoms begin to show up such as illness, pain and all kinds of suffering of the body, mind and spirit.

What are the Yin organ meridians and their associated negative emotions?


Lung energy holds on to sorrow, and grief when out of balance. This may come from a loss(s) of any kind, even a disillusionment. This may show up as bouts of sadness, and/or anxiety. Feeling emotionally stopped up, and unable to express a natural feeling of loss is the lung chi out of balance. Or it’s opposite, feeling unable to let go of grief after a period of time. When the lung is in balance we are free from attachments no longer serving our best interest. We are able to let go, and allow in new life freely.

The skin, the nose, the voice, the lyrics, trachea, and bronchioles are governed by the lung meridian. Look at sorrow and grief with any lack of ease in these parts. Any disorders relating to the taking in, and releasing of breath easily, deeply, and freely will be a disruption in the flow of lung chi. The point we tap on accessing the lung meridian is on the wrist point, at the inner crease, directly under the thumb.


The main emotion that shows up when our kidney chi is not flowing easily is fear. Fear has a tone of layers, so look deeply into the dark deep waters of our being to reveal this primal emotion. Notice how fear can stop us in our tracks. If we don’t feel safe it’s hard to move. When the kidney is in balance we move through life with courage and vitality.

The adrenal glands, reproductive organs, bones, bone marrow, brain, and parathyroids, along with hearing are governed by the kidney chi. With any lack of ease in these parts, look at hidden fears to be neutralized. Any disorders relating to water, fluid filtering, intake and release; look at taping on hidden fears, and feeling safe. The access point we tap on for the kidney meridian is the collar-bone point.


The emotion that reveals it’s self when the liver chi is out of balance is anger, and its partner frustration. This emotion can hide when repressed, so look at the larger meaning behind its manifestations. The inability to appropriately retain feelings; vacillating between interest and indifference; unpredictable actions, explosions of rage, ranting, and rash behavior are signs of a liver chi imbalance. The two sides of a coin demonstrate a liver chi problem showing up in a person leading a sort of double life. They might be calm at work, and raging on the weekends. Or, calm on the outside, and raging inside.

Ulcers, hemorrhoids and migraine headaches are dis-eases that may indicate a person dealing with anger and/or frustration as a primary emotion. The access point to the liver meridian is the rib or “liver” point.

Heart and Pericardium

Joy is the primary emotion here. You might be wondering how joy can be a negative emotion. When joy is out of balance it shows up in a couple of ways. First is the obvious lack of joy looking like sadness, depression and even anxiety? The sadness of the heart and pericardium is slightly different from the anxiety and sadness of the lung. At the core of the emotion is a lack of joyful expression rather than the feeling of not being able to let go.

The second out of balance display is the pleasure-seeking principle out of control. Here one is looking for more and more stimulation, and gratification. There is a feeling of lifelessness without it. Such craving may create a false need to constantly seek pleasure, and attention. This causes the inner candle to burn at both ends leaving one feeling confused, bewildered, and apprehensive, along with feelings of despair.

Additional out of balance manifestations are inappropriate laughter and talkativeness. Reoccurring discord in relationships with love partners and melancholy are heart/pericardium imbalances. Illnesses relating to the circulatory system including high blood pressure, palpitations, hysteria, heart pain, extreme sweating, speech problems, insomnia, and redness of the skin could warrant a look at the emotions of these meridians. The two points we tap on are at the inner wrist crease, in the center, and under the baby finger.


When the spleen energy is disrupted in its flow, rumination is the prevailing trait that might look like worry. A spleen imbalance shows up as a pensive, contemplative, type that is very concerned with details to the point of being caught up in circular thinking that doesn’t turn off. The wheel keeps turning on the same thoughts, and it becomes seemingly impossible to have new fresh thoughts and experiences. When the Spleen energy is in balance we digest life as a nutrient that supports our adaptability, spontaneity, clarity, contentment and ease.

The pancreas is also governed by spleen chi. Any issues with sugar, look at balancing emotions of rumination and worry. The spleen filters our blood so dis-ease affecting blood such as anemia, heavy ministration and cramps, may be affected by excess churning of the mind. Fatigue, diarrhea, edema, hemorrhages, and anorexia have the same root emotion. The point we tap on to balance the emotion of the spleen is the under arm point on the side of the body. In a woman it’s at the bra line.

The root of illness, and negative emotion, is the disruption of our chi flow.

You may be asking, how do I know what emotion is out of balance? How do I know which point to tap on for which emotion? These are emotions we can all relate to at different times. There could be more than just one emotion to deal with. When we talk and tap we work to neutralize all the influencing emotions.

Because the meridians feed one into the other in a closed circuitry, we influence all the meridians and all of the emotions by tapping on the Pro EFT points.

All you have to remember is to tap on how you feel.

If you experience any of the primary yin organ emotions of sorrow/grief, fear/safety, anger/frustration, joy/sadness, and rumination/worry include them in your focus while tapping. You likely know how you feel, and that is how you know what to describe when you tap. You simply tap on what you feel.  And, because it’s your energy, and your feelings, you can’t do it wrong. Honestly!

Your intention to bring awareness to your emotions, thoughts, and energy is the way to bring balance to all your meridians as you tap. Balanced meridians bring balanced emotions. Balanced emotions equate to a balanced life of good health and, the ability to travel easily on your chosen path. Bottom line is you are happier and healthier. Your path to bliss becomes clear.

You do need to tap and stimulate the points.

Softly tapping on the Pro EFT points (and do keep it light) as you bring awareness to your thoughts, feelings, and emotions is fundamentally required in this modality. It is the tapping of the access points that begins the undulating pulsation throughout your being. The vibration of your energy body becomes activated, allowing the transformation you desire. You Gotta keep those lovin’ good vibrations a-happenin’.

Good Vibration Tip

Meridians run bilaterally, and that’s why we tap on both sides of the body in Pro EFT. Change tapping hands periodically to engage the fingers of both hands for yet another layer of balancing. There are 5 meridian end points bilaterally in your fingertips, and one in your thumb. You stimulate additional points when you tap with as many finger tips as you can easily apply. I don’t know about you, but its kind a hard to tap with my thumbs, so just the finger tips will work. Besides we get the same thumb meridian (lung) when you tap on the wrist points.

If this feels like more than what you can do on your own, then let’s talk about it.  We can work together on clearing the negative emotions getting in the way of your happy, healthy life.  I act as your travel guide back to your path of bliss

Happy Tapping!

Laura Long,
Certified Level IV, Pro EFT Practitioner
Certified Acupressure Practitioner
Certified Yoga Instructor


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