What to do when you hurt or feel out of balance

Flush it!

Yes, just like the toilet that collects the used waist, we too benefit from a good old flushing out of that used up stuff that has done it’s job, served it’s purpose and ready to leave.  You all know what happens when it backs up!  Our inner mental, physical and spiritual pluming can get backed up too.  Ease pain let go.  It’s easier than it feels.

Our emotions create a chemical reaction that gets a little toxic and down right stinky when it piles up inside us.  When negative emotion floods our being like an over flowing toilet, our body lets us know often with pain, be it physical or emotional.   And that’s when we need to flush it out and fill it up with goodness.

If you think I am telling you negative emotion is toxic waste….well I am! Yep…I know you are intelligent enough to know that.  And….what are you doing with your toxic waist?

We don’t have to be mad at it, we just need to shift it. Problem is when its’ locked up inside you can’t smell it so easy.  You don’t know it’s there until your chemistry has changed from neutral to toxic and some sort of reaction occurs. 

How do we know when our chemistry is toxic and needs a flush?

When we are in balance with our feelings, emotions and thoughts our body chemistry is neutral (like a neutral pH in which life is sustained).  We have fewer highs and lows in our moods and physicality.  Of course there are external causes too but most of the toxicity we can flush has an organic internal causation. 

It’s our bodies job to let us know when our chemistry is out of homeostasis (balance) by giving us a sign to get our attention.  Sometimes it down right screams at us with pain of some short.  That’s when you gotta look in the mirror, right into your own eyes and ask yourself what’s clogging up the system of me.

OK, so I know this and you likely know it too Neutralize the thoughts and the pain will settle down.  It’s not just physical pain.  Emotional pain hurts too and feels alive like it’s growing until it’s soothed. So how do we sooth it productively?

I’m not saying cure, heal, fix, alleviate, or destroy…..there is nothing wrong with us when we need to sooth our emotions and our thoughts.  It’s a part of being human.  And so is a daily waist elimination.  We don’t let it build up in us if we want to thrive.

Soothing our emotions is a form of neutralizing our chemistry.  It’s like changing the pH of your inner workings so the good stuff can grow.  Healthy productive stuff does not grow well in a bowl/body/mind with excess waist.  That’s just nature, nothing woo woo or dramatic about it.  As in nature we thrive when in balance.  Having toxic acidic s**t in us is like not flushing the toilet…OK you get the idea here.

There is not an obvious  release handle to pull when we it’s time to flush.

We gotta learn how to flush ourselves out. The emotional release, however it occurs, will unlock the natural healing ability of both the body and the mind (which often feels separate….but there is no separation).  Flush the toilet once in a while!

What happened when I didn’t flush

One afternoon sever pain came over me suddenly, and I did not take it lightly. It’s happened before, several times even. I usually work my way out of it in time using practices from my bag of shift making change tools.

Yet this time there was another level of understanding about myself that brought me closer to my suffering  then I had been used to. This time it was so hurting it caused me to look with much greater compassion.

All of a sudden I could hardly walk

The immobilizing pain was low in my hips, deep inside, and scary. Even with all the training I have had, I still asked myself how did I get like this. I must have pulled something while stretching or walking I’m thinking.

Yet there was nothing to remember, no event to recall.  Still I felt very crippled by something showing up as pain in my body with no obvious reason.

After several expletives, I shuffled along wrenching in pain forgetting about the possibility of an emotional connection. I stayed in denial looking outside myself for answers while feeling confused and vulnerable.

It’s not mine to deal with. Something must have happened to me. I am a victim of circumstance!

Pain originates to let us know something is out of balance

That’s the only purpose! It seems hard to believe that we could have something physically out-of-place and not have any pain. What keeps the pain active is the alarm continuing to go off without being soothed.

If you feel pain (any kind) it means that your central nervous system thinks the body is under threat, and that something has to be done about it.

7 things to know about pain science article

What is keeping this pain active?

Yes, I dare to tell you this out loud, and in writing! Pain stays active because of an emotional link.  It’s the same for physical and emotional pain.

I will even dare to say pain occurs because of your thoughts. That’s what pain is, a thought/emotion/feeling playing itself out in a chemical reaction. Have you ever cut yourself and not felt the pain until you saw it?

What came first the pain or the trigger?

OK, here it is, the big reveal! I had a deeply disturbing, shame provoking replay of an ongoing issue of mine that morning.

It makes me feel very vulnerable when it flares up.  I had a stressful situation that kicked my minor dyslexia into full-blown mode.

Do you fight,  freeze or flee when the automatic protective response is activated?

It’s interesting to me how our wonderful bodies will find ways to cope when feeling threatened. There is an automatic response mechanism wired in us called the flight, fight, freeze response, which I am sure you have heard about. It’s in the back of the brain in the emotional and habitual response area.

When I am stressed, feel threatened (even it is not a truth, or a physical threat) part of my brain sort of shuts down. It’s my learned response to shut down when feeling threatened. We all have a response when we feel a perceived threat has been activated. 

It’s just a reactionary pattern I thought was a character flaw most of my life, and caused me feelings of shame. That’s the trap, we think we are flawed when we are having a human reaction that may have happened enough to turn into a habit, a pattern of protection. That emotional habitual portion of our brain has locked the response into a loop.

Round and round we go!

My stress is perpetuated with the reactions I get from others, and from my self-critic. When I am stressed the minor dyslexia feels  full-blown and my chemistry changes to the point of altering my ability to respond productively. That’s what happened, I was reminded of many past pains.

My fight or flight stress reaction rears its protective head as a pattern of behavior from repeatedly feeling the need to protect myself from my early learning years.

I soothed my chemistry with  self-love by reminding myself of the gifts that also come with a brain that thinks and sees differently than the majority. What that did was remind me of my true self.  I call this “aligning with my resources”. Dyslexia and the brain, Oxford journals.

It hurt me deeply

That deep emotional pain  was from a long history of disappointment and regret around my dyslexia, and now I felt it deep in my hips. I felt the shame in my body, and my body knew exactly how to tell me I better acknowledge this emotion that had built up a toxic environment in my hip.

You can only suppress your emotional pain for a while before it overflows into other areas. 

Eventually your body warns you of the overflow of toxic chemistry with pain or illness. That’s its job to protect you, and to warn you with some type of alarm.  Most warning pains go away, but what if they linger on? Then we have to go deeper and really listen to what the body is trying to tell us. Once the message is received, we can allow the protective response to turn off by soothing it.  That’s the flush!!

I was forced to listen.

Slow down, sit down and feel this pain without judgment so I could get to a state of seeing and feeling how false it is while feeling so real in my body and mind. Eventually I did sit with the emotional pain so it could flush through me.  I was able to trace it back to its origins. This time I really got it, and came to accept myself for who I am.

Acknowledge the pain and all of its parts

While I sat with it and looked it in the eye I held some healing Tapping points releasing some feel good chemicals to calm my emotional brain.  As I held the points I took in a deep breath of acceptance and let out a breath of judgement.

Thank you body for protecting me

Silently to myself I acknowledged the shame and emotional pain I felt from that situation and many like it in the past. Then I thanked my body for trying to protect me and keep me safe.

I asked my body to help me heal

Remind yourself of all your goodness, align yourself with your true nature and your inner resources.  I talked to myself with the love of a mother to a suffering child. Really, I needed a lot of love in that moment.

There was no one better and conveniently available them myself. Nobody understands the situation better than me.  Actually there is no one that can give me the love I needed from myself right then other than me.

You need to feel safe to let it go

Let me repeat that….it is so important.  Nothing will change if the back of the brain still feels its’ not safe to let go of the need to protect.  Remember these are not thoughts right on the surface.  So be patient, kind, loving, and honoring of the intention of your body to keep you safe. I like to give an offering of thanks to that part of me that has been working so hart to protect me and keep me from the perceived danger.

I let my body know it was safe to let go of the pain by settling the emotion of my younger self, soothing the early hurts.  Now it’s time to re-pattern the habit. 

I gave my brain the chemicals it needed to release the patterns running and wreaking havoc in me with a little self-love talk and Tap.  That releases the feel good chemistry I need.  From there I can lay down new connections linking to another perspective that serves me better now. 

We don’t get to the new perspective with out first flushing out the old.

I let myself cry as a release.  The good kind of cry.  Each time I hit an emotional trigger point I gave it some love, and let it know it was safe to release the pain. 

How long does it take to let go of the pain?

I slept really well and woke up with very little pain the next day.  If it comes back I will do more of the same.

Sleep is a wonderful way to neutralize your emotions.  Most people will feel better after letting the brain rest with the emotional clearing and Tapping.

Another way to neutralize the stress is Tapping. The meridians (the healing pathways you tap) stimulation the feel good chemistry providing what we need to make the shift out of the entangled loop.

Pain can be a teacher?

Having my own fits of pain have brought to light my emotional patterns as my best teachers. The suffering points to what I can let go of to return to homeostasis, my true nature, my highest self.

I am in constant gratitude. These pains have granted me  compassion, and insight into how we are all trying to do our best with what we have.

The transformation.

The greatest gift I have ever received is learning how we have the ability to self-empower ourselves with a little understanding of our physiology and a few tools to enable the re-wiring of our thoughts and emotions.

The best thing we can know about ourselves is our plasticity which is our built in flushing system ….or our ability to continually evolve. You don’t have to be stuck in a pattern that does not feel good, and no longer serves you. Even if the handle is not so easy to see, we do have ways to flush out the toxic waist. 

Will I ever get over it?

I stopped trying to be perfect realizing their is value in imperfection.  It’s authentic and relateable to be imperfect.  It’s human.

I am continuing to learn ways to show myself love, and support the people around me with the understanding we are more alike than we are different.

I choose to be human and vulnerable. Mostly I choose to keep offering myself, and others, hope to be who we choose to be rather than someone reacting from a place of unawareness.

How are you showing the love? How will you look for the gifts that come with the shadow?

Board Certified Pro EFT Practitioner
Certified Acupressure Practitioner
Certified Yoga Instructor