Policy, Privacy, Disclaimer, & Disclosure


Agreements with Coach Laura’s Choice Program allow us to work together at our best.

Your Well-Being and Outcome:
You are responsible for your own well-being inside the call and in between calls.
I understand my best results occur through my full participation.
I agree to take full responsibility for my own outcome.
I understand my unique version of success comes from my own actions.

Hold Nothing Back Agreement
An agreement to “Hold Nothing Back” as a policy for us both to:
Speak your truth.
Say what you need as soon as you feel it.
Make no assumptions only agreements.
No Refund Policy
A No Refund Policy is set in place to help you achieve your goals.  
This speaks to possible fears/resistance that may pop up and helps you complete what you started.
You are ultimately in charge of your outcome.
We offer no guarantees on the outcome of you call(s).
You will be supported fully to step into your own inner resources.

Agreements/coaching calls will conclude no longer than 60 days past their original end date.
Extensions require a separate verbal agreement that fits us both.
Longer emergent extensions will be considered upon request and review and are not guaranteed.


Rescheduling policy

Please check the dates set up in the scheduler.
The same day and time set up during the course of your coaching is reserved.
Please do your best to stick with your day and time.
Any changes to your day and time are not guaranteed to be open.
However; I will try to accommodate you with full notice:
If you need to make changes allow ample time to change as described:

Two week notice to change your time is the optimal time requested.
48 hour reschedule notice is required if you cannot make your regular day and time.
24 hour reschedules for urgent situations required.
A no show is a missed call that is not made up.
A no show is 20 minutes late without prior arrangement.

Start on time
Late without prior notice and approval is not extended past the original 90 minutes.
After 20 minutes late without notice and approval the call is ended and lost.



This work is not a medical or psychiatric treatment and does not take the place of medical care.

The information and coaching provided by Laura Long and The Choice Programs are to educate, inform, empower, motivate, and inspire you on your personal journey towards optimal health and a thriving life. It is not intended to replace qualified health care professional relationships or legal professionals.

Any changes you make to your medical care including supplements, food choices, treatments is your responsibility to advice your doctor or a licensed medical care provider overseeing your care.


We reserve the right to cancel booked calls at will with a refund if the coaching does not match with the client’s needs as determined by the coach.

The coaching agreement will be dissolved by the coach if there is a breach of policy or professional courtesy with a $100 service fee retained, and without a refund of past calls.  A refund of the balance (less named fees) will be issued in 30 days.

Agreements vs Expectations

If there is something you want or have any questions or concerns voice them to your coach so an agreement can be formed between you both.  An unspoken expectation may not be met.



We will never give away, sell, or rent individual personal information to outsiders.
 Part is transferred for the purpose of scheduling with Acuity and payment processing through PayPal.
All services used have a secure system and no share policy unto themselves solidly in place.  
Your coaching experience is not discussed with anyone including relatives and friends.

Recordings and Resources

You have the option to ask your session call be recorded for your own reference.
The recording drops from the storage cloud after 30 days and is never shared at all with anyone else.
You agree not to share any type of recordings with anyone without permission in advance.
Sharing resources provided, recordings, written material or teachings is prohibited without consent.
Distribution of program materials shared with you is prohibited.


A version of part of your experience may be given as an example of powerful coaching without mention of name, occupation, location or details that identify you directly. 
If your story is used any identifying info is changed to protect your privacy.   
If you wish nothing or a part of your experience not be shared to explain the coaching experience say so right away.

Implied consent

By accepting a meeting, attending a personal or group call or making a purchase you agree to the policies listed here.
These policies apply with proposals offered directly, both written and verbal.

Contact Us

If you have questions contact
24 hour message phone line is 916 858 8588