Need a Creative Lift to the Soul

Collage by Lisa Culjius

I was in desperate need of a creative treat
to move past the status quo of my
default thinking and doing. I needed to get unstuck and move to the next level of my creative vision.
Collage by Lisa Culjis

So I took a trip to Benicia at the head of the San Francisco Bay Area tagging along with artist friend Lisa C. as she attended her art class nearby. And…What a treat just in time for the Hallow’s Eve to feed the soul.

As we toured the gardens, and the studio of master artist and teacher of such fine things Lisa Kokin, I walked back into the world of creativity.  I could feel my soul being revitalized with inspirational movement back into the world of curiosity and inquiry.

Collage by Lisa Culjius

Collage by Lisa Culjis

I began to see thoughts expand beyond the original story. There became a new dialog taking shape in the art of the lovely Lisa’s.

That’s what artist do…they see a new story to tell from what might seem like a hot mess and turn it into art. This is how I want to view my life.

I want to turn my hot mess stories
into ART!


Button Art by Lisa Kokin

Even if it’s in my own head

Button art by Lisa Kokin
Button art by Lisa Kokin

The Lisa’s rearrange what seem like trash to the unwilling eye into new ways of seeing, being, and showing up in the world. Their art tells a new story of what would be throw-a-ways. There is a new look at what might seem useless as it morphs into opportunity to expand into something uniquely new, with a designed purpose.  

After a short time of being in this creative environment I could see my life as the beautiful art project that it is. I was filling back up with inspiration to continue designing my thoughts, and my stories into a new collection of carefully chosen patterns that inspire and delight me.

We don’t have to toss aside our used goods (aka useless things we tell ourselves, our stories).  We can give then a new-found respect and assign them into a new useful purpose. I like the idea of being the artistic director of my life.

I want to stay curious, and find new ways to continue to change and evolve.

Thank you Lisa Culjis and Lisa Kokin for reminding me of my personal art project of turning my old used up expressions into new creative inspirations….my life as art!

I choose a personally designed version upon which I have created a new use for my old stories.  I choose to tell myself a new dialog that makes my life a curious art project!

If you would like to move beyond the status quo of your default way of being and doing, and into your created future, and if you would like to expand your vision, get unstuck, and design your life then…button lets talk about it 300 97 purple glass-hi