Meet Laura

My Mission

To enjoy the process of what ever I do, get real curious, live in the present with an open heart, and align with my own highest truth.

My purist mission for you is to see and hold space for your inner genius, your truest nature. I hold the mirror up for you to see the reflection of your inner diamond, your highest self.

Together we dive into your unique version of optimal living, and deeper into the being of you so the doing of you reflects the brilliant light of your diamonds within. Our work together is to align with the innate genius in you. We all have it!

i was left wondering what was missing

I had been working successfully in the corporate world of Western Medicine in several leadership roles yet I felt there was something missing. When my world turned upside down I set out to find why I felt a part of my inner world was missing. Heck at that point I didn’t even know I had an inner world that I could call upon during my dark days. It just felt empty inside.  When the external life has been the only thing filling you up where do you go when it’s gone?

That’s when I set out on a mission to find my inner wealth. Stretching out beyond my comfort zone I landed in some interesting place. Places where I learned more about living a whole-heart and whole body life.  I learned to live in my body from my heart. The gap between who I thought I was and what mattered to me deeply narrowed with each stretch.

Acupressure practitioner

When I discovered I had an energetic body I fell in love with the bio-fields of life. So I went to Acupressure school at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley to learn how to share the love. From my 10 years in Acupressure Practice the most powerful insight I learned is when you are invested in the outcome of your own life you excel. When you have a skillful co-creator you sore!


My curiosity and deep study of how we are as humans has left me with a bag of tools that calm the nervous system, shift insights, and remove the barriers to your inner and outer success. I put to use all my studies, tools and life experience to guide your described path of alignment with your wisdom heart, and help you see your world from a broader, reflective lens.

I have been honored to work with many high level teachers and masters of their craft for the past 25 years. I have studied and practice methods of neutralizing energetic imbalances, trapped emotions, patterns, and habits of thought. My study is a part of my curiosity and I hope to always be learning.

We can use these teachings together to excel and amplify the life of choice you design. If you choose to play full on, and get curious about your unique exhilarated quality of life let’s have a chat. I have learned from the best to align with the best in you.  All this deep study has been to support your unique version of success.


Teaching adult college students was the most challenging and most rewarding experience from which I learned so much about myself and how to connect with the inner excellence in others.  I noticed how difficult it was for students to meet their higher aspirations due to their stories, patterns, habits, and limiting beliefs. The fear, anxiety, pain, anger, illness, and frustration of life kept them from meeting their full potential. My greatest teaching skill was to help them see their inner genius, and their own resources to excel. The biggest take away was the development of the skill and gift of holding the mirror while the students found comfort in looking at their inner greatness.


I have had a fascination with technology and have dived into many unknown waters to get where I need to go.  Having worked both in the corporate world and the entrepreneurial small business realm I have learned several of the parts of running a business. I have aligned myself with small business, and leadership resources. Forever learning!

qualifications & experiences

  • Certifications:
    Life Coaching
    Acupressure (Traditional Chinese Medicine & Qi Gong)
    Yoga Asana & Philosophy with Eastern Religion studies
    Progressive Energy Field Techniques (advanced EFT/Tapping)
    Reiki II
  • In-depth study:
    Mindfulness, Emotion Code, Body Code, Energy Medicine, HeartMath & more.
  • College educated in the arts: Visual Art, Interior Design, and Floral Design.
  • Entrepreneurial nature; owned and operated small businesses in the arts for first half of my life, and energetics, wellness and coaching the second half.
  • Taught Tibetan Heart Yoga, visualization, meditation, energy body practices, breath awareness practices, and Qi Gong classes.
  • Taught 14 college courses relating to leadership and administration.
  • Science & Human Bio-field:
    Meridian Nerd, Epigenetics and Cognitive Neuroscience advocate; I love exploring the interrelationships of energy and the biology of our being. 
  • Cook without recipes, which says a lot about my personality and view on life.
  • Love cruising around estate sales almost as much as the beach.
  • Love animals as much as life itself, can’t be without a cat in my life.
  • Lived the highs of success and the lows of disappointment.
    Learned to forgive, and remember who I am.
  • Avid subscriber of ancient herbs, modern supplements, and green drinks.
  • Creative learning, slightly dyslexic with its special gift of seeing beyond the box.
  • Learned the secret to teaching was coaching students through their obstacles.
  • Looking at what makes life interesting; realizing happiness is an inside job.

To get an experience I will put aside my fee for a curiosity call,
to get curious about what’s important to you,
and give us an exploration of working together.