Calming Gift

A quick practice designed to
bring you ease & Inspiration

Balance your energy, sooth your spirit & brighten your perspective.

 Let’s make this simple!

I developed this process because I needed something for myself that was simple, quick and effective to use when I was feeling out of flow. You know those times when you feel out of alignment with what your logical mind wants and you can literally feel  that monkey in your brain bouncing all around saying crazy things that logically don’t hold water, or even make sense when put to the test.

I could not calm the monkey in my head  enough to hear my higher self.

I am a pro when it comes to working on those monkey mind issues with lots of tools yet some re-emergent frustrations needed a way to generally calm my nervous system in a quick grab.
After all sometimes there is not  an exact idea about what to calm

The inquiry became how do I calm something I can “feel” is there yet I don’t have the time, energy or desire to pick it apart to find what’s at the core of my monkey mind flavor of the day.

So I set out to simplify a formula  that works quick. 
Sometimes you merely  want to sit in peace, and
bring a bit more ease into the day without the complication.

That inquiry gave birth to the process I’m sharing with you so you too can cultivate your inner ease and inspiration.   There is an added benefit, a great side effect, which is expanded creativity, clarity and focus!

I’m not pitching you a magic bullet here!
I’m showing you a simple way to calm things down a bit.

There is another grand effect which is …
  regular practice cultivates sustainable resilience.

And,  if you are a mediator or have a deeper practice, this will give you a boost to do your deeper practices on those days when it’s a challenge.

You will be creating sustainable inner ease

Calm  body and mind
Improved  focus
Expanded  creativity
Build inner strength
and most of all …
Cultivate a sense of inspirational focus.

You can apply this regularly as a part of your Miracle Morning  &
Anytime you wish to bring ease and clear inspiration into your day.

your gift package includes

 materials to teach and guide you into a five minute practice

~1 page introduction of the premise
~1 page written direction
~7 minute audio guide
~1 page point chart