Animals can have Trapped Emotions

Animals can have trapped emotions
that affect their behavior and even their health


It’s new to have this cat in my lap.

You see she was a rescue from a 5 day kill list. That means in 5 days she was going to be put down. Thankfully the wonderful rescue group of Mother Load picked her up for me to later adopt.

No one wanted her because she had high anxiety. Cute as a button, but cried and fussed to get down every time you picked her up. Yet she was always ready to play and quite talkative right from the start.

Here spirit spoke to me and it was love at first sight for me, and I think her too. I saw something in her, I just knew she was the cat for me, even though she did not want to be picked up and cuddled.  I knew there was hope when I rubbed her ears and she loved it.  

 slowly the anxiety lessened with EFT
yet there was more to do


It didn’t take too long after working on her anxiety with segregate tapping/EFT, along with patience, love, and repetition.  She got the idea she was safe, and started letting me pick her up without so much fuss.

We got real good at that in fact.  Yet there was still a distance she was keeping.  Koki kitty has not been a cuddle cat until I did another type of energy work on her where we address her specific emotions.

This time it went deeper and released another layer of anxiety and calmed the trapped emotions from her traumatic early life. These emotions were found by tuning into the universal energy that connects us all.  Then asking a value relevant question such as…

“Is there an underlying cause for this  behavior/condition”?


I use applied kinesiology (muscle testing) on myself as her proxy to answer the questions.
I worked with her on releasing the emotion of crying, sadness, sorrow, rejection, stubbornness and discouragement. They are all emotions clustered in the energies of the lung and large intestine. This is called the metal element in Chinese theory.  Credit goes to Dr. Bradley Nelson for teaching the practice.

This  process is called The Body Code; a meridian based clearing designed to neutralize the old emotions still  affecting behavior from past events that left there mark.

Yes animals have emotions, lots of them!


Kitty is still in my lap as I type this….and she got there herself.  She is getting more affectionate now that she feels safe and calm from the release of the trapped emotions.  She is never more than a few feet away and often helps her self to laps, to get her ears rubbed.  Most days you will see her right there as we work with our clients.  I say “ours” because she plays a part in the calming and grounding of our work.

What a great office mate!

Emotional releases for animals by remote are now available


This has been a great reward and I would like to now share this with my clients who have animals that are suffering or the humans are suffering with their behavior.  Let me know if you have a pet that seems anxious or acting out.  We can see if there is an underlying cause or trapped emotions from the past that are lingering on.  I can remotely let them go to change the behavior.

I am now offering distance animal sessions to release the underlying emotional cause of the issues.

All it takes is a picture of the animal with their eyes showing, there name, date of birth (approximately), there address, how long you have had them, and what the issue is.

Laura Long
Emotional Energy Release Specialist