Emotions of the Tapping Points

I will let you in on the mystery of tapping……this seemingly mysterious modality can be demystified……..Tapping or EFT has been watered down for the general public, but I have more faith in the GP and you. I believe if you have a little deeper understanding you will be encouraged.

Is Your Internal Map Getting You Where You Want To Go?

…..How do you know you are following a not so up-to-date map? The simplest way is to ask yourself am I getting what I want? If your internal map by which you are interpreting your path is serving you, you would be there.

How To Keep Up The Good Feelings?

Have you noticed how great you feel after a Tapping session?
Here are some ways to keep up your good feelings regularly. Start feeling good every day! Trying these ideas in small bits at a time will plant the seeds to grow an enjoyable experience.
The key to continuing the momentum of your expansion, into feeling good every day, is to make it enjoyable.

5 Life Lessons from Self-Empowerment Pioneers

She wrote these jeweled bits in the 1920’s, and they are crazy relevant to the human experience right now! You have to wonder, where did she get the info. Did she pull it from an ancient wisdom lineage, did she come to it from life experience, or did she too have a teacher who shared such secrets with her.