Speaking Ease Group Coaching

 a unique opportunity to design how you will create your own speaking Ease

If you want to share your vision, expand your mission, create greater impact,
and you want to do it your way, authentically from the heart
with out using up all your energy-
you found your place.

Writing, speaking, networking, blogging, videos/filming, teaching, compassionate leadership along with the ways we present a concept, an idea, a product, an experience, a mission, a vision, and our story are the parts of speaking yourself into your world. Even describing what you “do” has an impact. The Speaking Ease Group Program gets you started with a foundation that supports the ease of speaking.  And you do it your way!

Are you ready to make an authentic impact?

If you aspire to represent yourself authentically from the heart, with clarity, confidence, service and with greater ease, then this group opportunity will get you started.  It’s purpose is to build a foundation that supports your steps into your envisioned world of speaking, writing, interviews, and video with ease, your way vs the cookie cutter version that doesn’t appeal to you.   Even if it’s not so clear right now how you want to do that, this is an opportunity that will bring it to life with a group of like minds.

What you do know is you want to honor and serve
empathy, sensitivity, and community with compassion,
professionalism and with conscious leadership authentically.

When you are speaking yourself in to your world your way ….

  • Build confidence and trust with potential clients, pears, teams, students, and leaders.
  • Open opportunity for exposure to your message, vision, profession and your business.
  • Help support and educate the people who are waiting for your guidance, service and wisdom.
  • Get your message out with conscious impact, expanding your reach in ways comfortable to you.
  • Play your way with a powerful message vs playing small and still value authenticity.
  • Quiet the noise in your head resisting the delivery of your message right now.

Does that idea give you a bit of a flicker in your belly or bring a louder beat to your heart?  Your body will let you know when it’s not a concept that brings you ease.  Ha!  And your mind might be doing a few little side step maneuvers along with the body sensations. That’s natural until you learn to sooth it.

A part of the resistance is the conception you have to play it hard and fast
and that’s not how you roll.  We are going to design how you present
in ways that feel good to you.

The mission is to help you create ease, clarity, confidence and fun in speaking yourself into your world while working through the resistance.

I have designed a real time, interactive, learning, sharing and crafting experience for people with a story to tell, a vision to verbalize, and a message to bring to life.  We will do it together.  This is  a customized small group with like minds and a professional coach (that’s me!) to guide, support and explore the foundation upon which you wish to share your work, then build your foundation in our group.

Who is the small interactive group program for?

Open-minded professionals with a vision, a mission, a teaching, a concept or a story to share.   Even if it’s not crystal clear now how you want  to authentically represent  yourself with greater ease, clarity  purpose, and fun this is will get you started!  This program is for people who want to enjoy and feel the ease of speaking, writing, interviews , doing video or motivating your team. Maybe you are an empath, an introvert with a conscious approach to your powerful work and you would like to stay congruent with your values.

This group is for those ready to start speaking in all it’s for while feeling good about the process.  This opportunity will provide the foundation and structure upon which to build your model of presenting yourself with ease, clarity and confidence.

A personalized experience

If you are tired of programs that don’t have personal interaction, or that don’t address your unique aspirations and issues then this is something you will enjoy.

This is not another product you buy and it sets in your downloads
or one of those you start and don’t finish.

The small group setting will provide an opportunity for powerful individual, and group interaction.  There is the added benefit of working in a group with a common purpose of creating a foundation to start with.  A great benefit is the exchange of energy created in the group as you each explore, expand and support your speaking, writing, filming, and recording aspirations. A group of like minds with similar aspirations creates a powerful dynamic to absorb.

You will engage with a personable setting in my virtual office on Zoom.  We will see and hear each other as if we are in a room together.  You don’t have to make travel arrangements, figure out what to wear, or even leave the house.

What will we do?

Speak Yourself into Your World with Ease is a 5 part group program.
With 4 Group meetings in an virtual Zoom room.
+ 1 personal one on one powerful (zoom room) coaching experience with me
Laura Long a Certified Professional Coach
(with a bunch of other certifications and experiences that qualify me to bring out the best in you)

Exploring what it is you want by building your vision (even if it’s not clear yet). Building a foundation and structure that begins to bring it all to life by seeing it, feeling it, and being it.  The design you create is tailored to you and how you wish to create ease doing it all your way vs what is the “best” way.  That way might work for some, but you want to do it with your style.

Pulling out the boulders, rocks, pebbles and slippery sloops that appear when you think about actually doing and being what you have built on paper and in your mind. We will also take a look at how you want to change things up to fit your special gifts vs following the pack.

Here we take a deeper step into crystal clear clarity. You will craft an agreement in which you will align all the elements you need to take the first few tiny steps into action. Learn processes to sooth the body and stimulate the mind that you can use to bring you renewed clarity, confidences and ease doing it your way.

Now we develop a strategy to fill in any gaps between what you have constructed, designed and aligned with in your plan.  We look at what you need to fully step onto the bridge that will support your first steps.

Specialized 1 on 1:
In a coaching call with me we cement any parts left unsupported by looking at your personal plan and vision. We dive deeper into any remaining resistance and pull out the insights you need to cross your personal bridge to speaking yourself into your world with ease.

what We will not  be doing in this program

This is not a fact finding, gig location group. That comes after clarity, confidence and ease.  Rushing in without a foundation may push you away from wanting to play full on. There is no pushing you in to see if the walls fall in here. We build the solid foundation first.  This is an easy does it group of committed powerful people doing it their way.

What will you gain from this group program?

The greatest impact just might be that you will actually get started!  For that to happen you will want to feel comfortable and inspired to “put yourself out there” as it’s often described. The plan is to create clarity first, then inspiration and excitement about your plans. You will learn processes to use over and over to bring you clarity, confidence and ease in your body and in your mind.  Learn to sooth your nerves, work with your personal constitution and setting clear boundaries around how you will step comfortably in and smoothly back out to maximize your energy.

Of equal value is the soothing of the part of you that resists even the most delicious plan. The work we do in this group is designed to clarify, inspire and sooth that resistance resulting in greater all around ease in presenting your aspirations comfortably, and having some fun (if you are into fun that is) along the path. To sum it all up…..you gain clarity, inspiration and EASE!

This is an easy yes for you

Each group is small enough to be served individually and connect with other like minds. You will be among others stepping into their speaking ease.  Having the small groups will bring another level of support and inspiration.  You will be diving into your unique aspirations (even if they are not clear right now).

This is designed to get you quickly started with clarity, releasing the resistance, addressing the fears, the nerves, and align you with your plan.
$397  buys you full participation in this unique interactive group program.

And there is a bonus!
You will learn practices that  bring you instant energetic ease.
Use them regularly and especially before speaking to enhance your ease.

  •  A simple and powerful practices to balance your energy regularly.
  • An audio + PDF guide to Meridian Tapping and Talking done easy any time.

Let’s have a chat about you and this program before you start.
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Coming soon……a brief sample of what we will do together on a grander scale.
This is a condensed view of what we will do in depth with personal interaction and insights with me as your coach and guide, and with the energy of the group.