Release & Realign Energy Session

A Jump-Start-Reset Session

Designed to kick-start your mojo flow!
Get Past the Wall that feels in the way of what you want.
Release the stuck stuff disturbing your peace.

If you are feeling stressed or stuck, overwhelmed or frozen, and all the-in-between of living life in this crazy time, running a business, and having meaningful relationships, then this session is for you.

Here is your chance to reset your alignment with your desires and take a step towards action into your “feel good” flow.  You will simply get stuff done and feel good about it!

We will release what’s pulling you up stream
in the opposite direction
against the flow of your desires

An energetic restart
designed to clear out the pebbles clogging your inner flow & inner peace.
 Our destination is to point back to your natural state of balance and alignment.

You will feel the release in your body
The realignment in your mind
Define what you want
Do a powerful clearing process of the stuck stuff
Reset your focus
Define a tiny first step

  We meet in my virtual office on Zoom from where you are.  Say yes to flow!.