How to Empower Kids with Tapping

A Fun & Simple Way to Release 

Take a look and see how fun and awesome it can be for children to let go of their emotions in ways that allow them to feel good about themselves through a simple exercise called Tapping.

“Even If I’m Mad, I Love Myself”

Have fun with it

Tapping for kids can be like a game especially when they can learn a song with it.

Kids sing and tap on their healing calming points as they develop self-awareness and self-confidence.

The key purpose is they are allowing their feelings to be expressed constructively and with esteem while stimulating the natural calming effect of the healing body points.

Sing a song to bring joy to the day

Singing the melody to the song “If your happy and you know it” while adding new phrases let’s the children express themselves.  With each phrase of the song the child taps on a different point.

 Tapping Teddy’s Points

 This teddy gently taps with both hands on both sides of his body while talking about how he/she feels.  You can have fun and be happy like Tapping Teddy when you tap and talk too.

There are several points along the surface of the skin that activate a calming effect when stimulated by gently tapping with your fingertips.

Tapping or EFT is a modern tool pulling ancient Chinese healing and modern awareness practices together.

How many ways are there to Tap?

Several…and they all work.  I use a progressive formula which includes a couple extra points you see on my point charts/pictures.

I teach Tapping using both sides of the body and both hands.  The release is faster.  Tapping with one hand on one side of the body works too, it just might take longer to feel better.

In this video you will see some additional points being used, so give them a try too.  Tapping is very versatile and there are several right ways to do it. Don’t be concerned with the difference you see in each video, they all work great!

The beauty of Tapping is you don’t need to know anything about the meridian Tapping points to effectively let go of negative thoughts and emotions.

All you do is tap & talk

Or sing if you like. Start by talking/singing about your bad feelings for a short while so they can be done and over.  Then put in your happy stuff by saying how you want to feel.

The pleasures of being a kid

Kids have fun and bounce around as they tap on the healing points. Little kids are less self-conscious and join right in.

Getting out the yucky stuff

The last Tap and sing-song on this video is called “If your cranky and you know it” This lets the kids express their negative feelings so they can move on to feeling happy.

This time you see the kids patting on the full length of the healing pathway rather than just one point on the pathway.

The inner pathways are like little rivers of healing calming energy.  There are several access “points” to these inner healing rivers.  We tap on some of the access points on the surface of the skin to activate their healing properties.

Or for little kids it’s fun to tap on the full pathway.  This method engages several healing points by tracing the flow of the little rivers.

Tapping on the full length of the body feels good at any age, and has been practiced through the ages of time in Qi Gong exercises. You might have seen people in the park doing Tai Chi which is sort of like Qi Gong.  Both calm the body and the mind while encouraging greater awareness.

It doesn’t have to be complicated!

There is a lot of wisdom in this video that has been adapted for children.  Yet adults can bring back the joy of childhood by singing and moving too. You don’t have to be a kid, or an expert to enjoy the benefits.

Let your inner child loose and do it with or without kids often to feel calm and at peace.

 Teachers, Parents & Team Coaches

Tapping is great for soothing performance anxiety, so if you are a sports or performance coach consider this tool to calm and inspire your team/troop/band.

Teachers are you using Tapping in the classroom?   Parents have you taught your children how to tap?

Tell us some of your success stories, or if you are inspired to share this simple tool with kids. 


“Changing hearts, minds, and actions of students ….one teacher  at a time, one student at a time, one class room at a time, one city, one town, one nation, and our world ….one at a time.”                                                    ~ The Tapping Solution Foundation

Point chart for older kids Tapping in the classroom

In this fantastic video you will see teachers and administrators describing how Tapping with children in the classroom has improved their academics, and behavior.  Some students have integrated Tapping into their lives away from school to improve how they feel, how they do homework, and how they feel in performances and sports.

Using a Tapping Teddy

 Tap away yucky feelings

Wizard Tapping book for kids

 Tapping for Teachers

Adult Tapping Chart

Pro EFT Tapping Points by LL

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