Animals can have Trapped Emotions

Animals behavior can be influenced by their emotional energy and how they are dealing with their animal inner world.  Animals do have emotions and they can get stuck or trapped and cause problems for the animal from how they interact with their environment to their health.  Good news is we can help this release their past trauma, drama and events that they are still dealing with, and causing them to act out or not feel well.

Improve Meditation with Tapping

Does Tapping Take the place of Meditation? No way, but it sure can help the monkey mind! Here is how to improve meditation with tapping easily. The invitation here is to enhance the feel goodness by utilizing your natural body chemistry right from the start, and get a little jump start on the ancient art of meditation.  Or if you are like me your start up time to that feeling good from meditation takes a while to get to on some days.  The process I describe here will speed that up so you can get to the good stuff faster.  Yeah!

Ask High Quality Questions for a High Quality Life

Quality Questions….I would like to invite you to think about the questions that will inspire and lead you and yours forward vs keeping you all stuck in the status quo. The ones that create energy, vitality, and excitement for an inspiring adventurous path? A high pointing quality questions vs low pointing quality questions could be something like….

What to do when you hurt or feel out of balance

Fush it! Yes, just like the toilet that collects the used waist, we too benefit from a good old flushing out of that used up stuff that has done it’s job, served it’s purpose and ready to leave.  You all know what happens when it backs up!  Our inner mental, physical and spiritual pluming can get backed up too.  Ease pain let go.  It’s easier than it feels.

Our emotions create a chemical reaction that gets a little toxic and down right stinky when it piles up inside us.  When negative emotion floods our being like an over flowing toilet, our body lets us know often with pain, be it physical or emotional.   And that’s when we need to flush it out and fill it up with goodness.

Forgiveness is the fertilizer For the Garden of Your Life

Here’s how to forgive for your own richly nourished joy-filled life.  If you are a Gardner & we are all Gardner’s of our lives, you will be planting seeds of things you would like to grow, things you are interested in seeing an end result with. You gotta get out the weeds first, and a big one is resentment.  The antidote is forgiveness. Let’s see how it goes.

What is Tapping and How Does it Work?

A form of self-applied Acupressure. We lightly tap on healing spots located on the surface of the skin with our fingertips.  The spots/points have a high electrical conductivity at the surface of the skin and are stimulated by your fingertips tapping on them. The stimulation accesses the life force energy of the body.

And if you would like to go deeper and see beyond what you can’t see for yourself let’s talk about it. Sometimes you need an experienced guide to point out what you are missing, and help you bridge the gap between where you are and what you want (even if that’s not real clear right now).

Ultimate Inner Love

The most impact on the game of living is the cultivation of an ULTIMATE INNER LOVE which leads to an exhilarated quality of life. Have you noticed how our inner words can be our ULTIMATE LOVE, or our WORST BETRAYAL? Marisa Peer (mentor to A-list top performers) has gone so far as to declare how we disconnect from our inner love as a major epidemic, even the world’s greatest pelage against humanity.

Reading List of an Exhilarated Quality of Life

Here are 3 reading lists for inspiration as a part of your exhilarated quality of life. Reading reminds us who we really are. Who we are is beyond the status quo and the habits of survival mode.  If you have had a rough season, and frankly with the crazy making of our world who hasn’t… give yourself permission to check back in and align with authors who have carved a path to joy, and the aliveness of our inner fire. 

Tip to Feeling Fabulous & Free in the Fall by Letting Go

We can take advantage of the natural changes, and put them to personal service …like nature uses the different seasons to support the needs of the earth. We can create our own personal sustainability by embracing the seasonal changes in ourselves. Your body will naturally align with a little insight. But your mind might need a little more focused action to get on board with this sustainability idea. Here’s how it works…

Could Your Self-Talk be the Magic Bullet?

Could your self-talk be the missing link to your success? Self-talk is the way we talk to ourselves. Our brain processes what we say silently to ourselves more then what we say out loud. That’s a lot of power!

How to Empower Kids with Tapping

see how fun and awesome it can be for children to let go of their emotions in ways that allow them to feel good about themselves through a simple exercise called Tapping.

The Choice of Gratitude

You can only live in gratitude one breath at a time.
In other words, looking for ways to be thankful and appreciative happen in the moment. It’s kinda hard to think of anything in the future in gratitude because it hasn’t happened yet.
Why is keeping your focus in the moment a good thing?

The Power Of Habit?

It’s interesting that an investigative report would write a book about habits…..
These habits are what we are working with when we do our Tapping.
Having an understanding of how habits work with your brain parts can help you be more conscious of when you need to Tap.

Emotions of the Tapping Points

I will let you in on the mystery of tapping……this seemingly mysterious modality can be demystified……..Tapping or EFT has been watered down for the general public, but I have more faith in the GP and you. I believe if you have a little deeper understanding you will be encouraged.

Is Your Internal Map Getting You Where You Want To Go?

…..How do you know you are following a not so up-to-date map? The simplest way is to ask yourself am I getting what I want? If your internal map by which you are interpreting your path is serving you, you would be there.

Bridging the gap from fear to desires by Tapping

Logic can seem like a distant illusion when the habit of fear is solidly in place. Fear might sound like Elephants blasting in your ear, run for your life! Or it might be a bit more sophisticated and sound like a seemingly logical reason you should not try something new, or try something that felt like a “failure” before.

How To Keep Up The Good Feelings?

Have you noticed how great you feel after a Tapping session?
Here are some ways to keep up your good feelings regularly. Start feeling good every day! Trying these ideas in small bits at a time will plant the seeds to grow an enjoyable experience.
The key to continuing the momentum of your expansion, into feeling good every day, is to make it enjoyable.

Feel like your drowning in cravings?

It is difficult to get from an habitual, comfort seeking, less conscious behavior to a logical, conscious, balanced behavior. It’s like swimming upstream in a river, thinking that is going to get you to the other side safety. All it does is wear you out!